August 21, 2017
Coming (very) soon!
Approximately 1 month ago, I concluded that the ever-expanding podcast world was still missing something: voices of working women, balancing work & family while having a blast doing it.  I wrote this post, and you all helped convince me that I needed to actually make this happen myself!  
When Laura contacted me asking if I’d be interested in collaborating, I was even more energized and excited to move things forward.  I’ve read all of her books (my two faves: 168 Hours and I Know How She Does It), but have also gotten to know her very well through the blogworld over the past several years.  Laura and I have met on several occasions, including on a run when she was newly pregnant with #4 — always a bonding experience to chat over miles!  We definitely clicked, with plenty in common but enough variation in job type and family setup that I think we will have plenty to discuss and explore together.
The first three episodes will be available for download or stream tomorrow, and we should be searchable in iTunes by the end of the week!  We are planning on weekly releases, but wanted to start out with a bang πŸ™‚  We are still wide open for questions and suggestions, so please keep them coming!
The first three episode topics are:
— Crafting the right work/life balance — about my decision to go part-time, and the pros/cons of doing so
— The Second Shift:  evenings with the kids 
— Having more than 2 children — taking the plunge, and Laura’s take on going from 0-4 in 8 years
Okay, now headed back to check over A’s homework (we both survived The First Day of School!) and revel in my excitement over tomorrow’s official debut!  More to come!!
PS: Amy won the naming contest as the first one to come up with Best of Both Worlds!  She is getting a Hobonichi with her winnings – she has promised to provide a picture of her loot once it arrives.