weekend // call for PODCAST Q&A requests

August 7, 2017

This weekend just worked for me.  We didn’t do anything momentous, but I spent a huge proportion of it feeling very happy and grateful and just really present, for lack of a better term.

What worked:
1) Planning ahead.  It’s not like we went to Disney and needed to make 17 different reservations.  But I had some cooking/baking projects, 3 separate birthday parties (necessitating 3 gifts, of course, plus dessert-making) and had some home tasks to finish.  Mapping things out in advance helped everything feel doable and the time actually felt productive as well as relaxing.
cooking achievement Saturday night
2) Keeping my normal hours.  Oh, this is almost embarrassing, but whatever.  It worked so well that I am just going to have to admit it:  I went to bed at 9:15 pm on Saturday and 9:40 pm last night.  This way I was able to work out in the mornings and do some organizing/mental setup for the day before the kids were awake — always key for my sanity.  We didn’t have any nights out planned which was Josh’s request (he wanted to “do nothing”, whatever that means) and it did make me realize the value in staying in a bit more.
3) Staying largely unplugged.  Less than 40 minutes each day on my phone according to Moment!  I did post once to Instagram and we FaceTimed with my parents yesterday, but otherwise phone use was quite limited.
4) Lucky weather.  Hot of course, but no thunder/lightning.  We were able to spend big chunks of each day outside, which is so good for the kids (honestly, they behave so much better when they can truly expend their natural energy).
bday party #1
5) Both parents off.  Josh did work super late on Friday and spent a couple of hours at the office on Saturday, but otherwise we were both home.  I’ll have to ask him, but I think we did a good job of giving each other time to rest/take breaks when needed.
6) An extra day!  I finished call on Thursday and had Friday off.  It was so, so nice.  Our nanny had off, but I had time to myself while A&C were in camp and then a really nice time with them afterwards.  
Friday ice cream trip
– Worked out both days (both Josh + me!) including the pregnancy version of a ‘long run’ (50 min with walk breaks)
– Swam both days w/ the kids
– Hung out with Josh’s family + FaceTimed my parents w/ the kids
– Attended 2 kids bday parties (I know these get a bad rap, but honestly I kind of love them, especially when I know the other parents well)
– Outlined podcast episodes πŸ™‚
– Made eggplant and goat cheese gratin (from Melissa Clark’s Dinner: Changing the Game cookbook) and these vegan key lime pie no-bake cupcakes for my SIL’s bday
– Monthly/weekly review rituals (YNAB budgeting, monthly actions, etc)
– Nap
– Almost finished the book I’m reading (Touch by Courtney Maum, not my favorite ever but interesting)
PODCAST request!

We have a template which I think is going to work well, and one of the segments is a Q&A — so I need some Qs!  They can be anything related to parenting, work/life balance, organization, etc – my cohost and I will try our best to offer our thoughts on your questions and dilemmas.
Please either a) post in the comments or b) email me your questions!   Pilot(s) are being recorded this week so please get them in today or tomorrow if possible πŸ™‚
Workout report 
Pregnancy week 22
M – Treadmill.  41 min, 3.6 mi.  1 mi, then 0.5 mi x 2, then 0.25 mi x 3 with walk breaks between each, at escalating speeds
T – Barre3 30 min workout
W – Treadmill.  35 min, 3.14 mi.  3 x 10 min chunks of jogging with walk breaks
F – Treadmill.  36 min, 3.26 mi.  5 min run / 1 min walk x 6
S – Barre3 40 min workout
S – Treadmill.  50 min, 4 mi.  10 min run x 3, then a 14 min run to finish it off.  My longest run in quite some time!
I’m quite proud of this one!