operating system-inspired thoughts & new podcast episode

September 26, 2017

I upgraded my iPhone’s operating system last night.  When I woke up, several things looked different on my phone – as always, the change is slightly disconcerting.

It’s probably the influence of Bored and Brilliant, but the differences had me think a little harder about what I was doing, instead of just going on autopilot.

And what was I doing?

1) Checking email, from my bed, upon awakening.  WHY?
2) Checking Instagram, from my bed, for another several minutes.  HUH?

I didn’t spend very long, thankfully – I am too motivated to get up / get coffee / start my morning most days to waste too many precious AM minutes scrolling.  But today I am even questioning the need for those handful of minutes.  Why am I setting the tone for the day with noxious blue light + whatever random ads have happened to land in my inbox overnight?!

Because when I think about it .  . .  I’d really rather not.


The good news is that I’ve been doing really well with my goal to spend less time on my phone — as I’ve written before, I use the Moment app to track this time.  Only one day since the hurricane did I exceed my goal — and I’ll blame the stress of call.  As a result, I’ve been:

– reading more
– staying more organized
– getting more rest (yay)
– feeling more present + centered

But, bringing this morning’s semiconscious scrolling time into the light has me thinking I’ve still got a ways to go.  It may feel ‘free’, but every minute spent passively consuming things on the internet or phone is a minute not spent doing something else (see above).  I’ve been on a quest to get these minutes back for so long, and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

In other news:
* PODCAST EPISODE 8 is here!  It’s quite a long one – Laura and I discuss outsourcing, which we both do a lot of.  Slightly controversial?  In this day and age, I hope not . . . but see what you think πŸ™‚  Available here, or on your fave podcast listening app (iPhone or Android!)

* Remember the podcast naming contest?  Here’s the winner’s haul!  Amy chose a Hobonichi techo avec as her prize and was kind enough to send a pic.  EXCELLENT choice, Amy!!