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October 25, 2017

1) First, a podcast note:  Episode #13 is up — and it’s the tech episode inspired by my post about texting a couple of weeks ago.  I think it’s one of the juicier ones, so check it out 🙂

BoBW is up to 40,000 downloads and we’ve maintained a consistent audience, which is great!  However, I’d love to see it grow a little more, so if you have the time/inclination I would be forever grateful if you’d either write an iTunes review/leave a rating OR just pass it along to others who you think might be into our work/life mix of topics.  

2) MY NEW BAGS ARRIVED!  After a LOT of online shopping and deliberation and then consultation with a Leather Goods Expert (that title is unofficial but truly does apply to my dear friend Vickie), I ended up choosing a new work bag AND a small, versatile bag from Lotuff Leather.  These are definitely — by far — the nicest bags I have ever owned, and perhaps the nicest things I have ever owned.

I chose this company because:

– it is small and they make everything to order
– they pride themselves on treating their employees well
– reviews state that their products age extremely well
– their stuff is gorgeous
– they are lined in leather so they stand up and don’t have that ‘slouchy’ look – I know some people like that but I wanted structure

I even went for a monogram so . . . definitely a commitment.  I hope these serve me well for years to come as I anticipate!

Still need: wallet + diaper bag.  But I have my eye what I want for both!

3) TYPES.  Marcia, who goes by OrganisingQueen on social media, asked on the BoBW insta if I was an Upholder or Obliger (from Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies Framework) after listening to the tech episode.  I guess she could tell I’m not a rebel 🙂  The question made sense because someone who feels compelled to respond to texts instantly does sound like an Obliger.

That said, I am confident in my Upholder status — and once I learned that texts do NOT mean what I necessarily thought they did had no problem starting to address them on MY agenda.  Heh.

I am also:

– An overbuyer (but NOT hoarder; I love throwing things out, but when it comes to stocking up on, say, sunscreen I’m apt to buy a 6 month supply.  It drives Josh crazy.  I also have NO PROBLEM whatsoever blowing through my “allowance” which is why I love having one)

– A lark (morning person)

– A satisficer (vs a maximizer)

– An ESFJ!

– A Moderator (vs an abstainer)

– A sprinter (vs a marathoner) when it comes to completing projects.  Within reason!  I don’t leave things until a dangerous last minute time frame, but am also not prone to working on things gradually either.

I’ve never taken an Enneagram test, but I want to 🙂

Anyone match me exactly?!  What other dichotomies have you found useful/interesting?  I still haven’t even decided Josh’s type but I think probably Questioner.  Perhaps with a streak of Rebel mixed in . . .


They disappeared into Annabel’s room last night and came out in “winter dress up”,
which involved squeezing Cameron into a pair of A’s old tights.
just had to share 🙂


  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Just went to that bag website…uh oh. There may be an indigo working tote in my future…

    I am an INTJ. Upholder (with a strong tendency toward questioner, though). Total marathoner. Recovering underbuyer. Very much a satisficer.

    No idea on enneagram. Actually not entirely sure on the owl/lark thing either. I do my best work in the morning but not early in the morning. And I like to stay up late too, but that just doesn’t work with my current lifestyle. Maybe my chronotype is to work early and work late and then take a nice long nap in the afternoon.

  • Reply OrganisingQueen March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Very nice bags, Sarah!

    Thanks for clarifying your tendency and the response to texts 🙂

    I’m an underbuyer with most things except notebooks and pens (!), definitely a night owl, I’m also a satisficer (strangely though, maximiser is one of my StrengthsFinder top 5), an ESTJ, am also a moderator but I’m a marathoner. I really hate being rushed at the deadline if it could have been planned for.

    I’ve very recently (last week!) discovered my Enneagram type, and I am a 1, the perfectionist. I still don’t like to even say that, but sadly, it rings true for me. I was mistyped twice on the shorter tests you find online, but this one is about 100 questions long, and so I put my faith in it more. – once you take the test, go to their podcast and listen to people with the same type, and see if it resonates.

    • Reply theSHUbox March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      I took 3 tests 🙂 One gave me 3 – wing – 2; another gave me 3 but it was only one point higher than 1, and another a 1!

      I will have to check out the podcast and see which resonates more. So interesting!!!!

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    I’m an ISFJ, over-buyer, lark, satisficer, obliger and moderator. Not sure if I’d say I was a marathoner or sprinter. I’ve also never never done the Enneagram thing but am curious. It’s interesting to see everyone’s different combinations!

  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Oh Sarah, we are so similar 🙂 I’m an Upholder, Over-Buyer, Lark, Satisficer, and Moderator. I tend to be more of a Marathoner for projects/goals, and have always tested as ESTJ. I can’t figure out Dan; he tested as a Questioner but his personality is not as difficult as The Four Tendencies book described it. I have a strong suspicion G is a Rebel. Knowing that has actually improved my ability to parent him! The tips from the book work (Information – Consequences – Choice and Challenges are really motivating for him).

    Those are beautiful bags! I’m bookmarking this company for next year when I can toss my pump bag. I am probably going to get promoted to research faculty so it will be a nice reward 🙂

    • Reply OrganisingQueen March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      Hello fellow ESTJ Upholder 🙂 I also have a rebel son……………….. (life is …. interesting)

  • Reply Erika March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Totally not personality type related, but would love to hear more about the keepsake boxes you’re doing for your kids! I love the idea but am super duper space constrained so am curious how large yours are. Right now I have a box for my oldest and things are just tossed in, but never got around to keeping my younger’s keepsakes in one place (ahem, she is nearly 17mo). Thanks!!

  • Reply Sara B. March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Oh the bags. If there’s something I love more than the perfect planner, its the perfect bag.

    (INTJ, satisficer, moderater, definitely a sprinter, probably an underbuyer. Lark/night owl can’t really apply in EM’s all-the-shifts schedule, plus theres the toddler and the pregnancy, so I’m usually just uninspired to work and feeling tired despite mostly getting enough sleep.)

    Reminds me – two things the last podcast made me think of:
    1. You know about do not disturb for iMessage conversations, right? It turns off the notifications for a particular iMessage thread. I usually use it for those big group messages that get a zillion replies, often from my EM friends at all times of day. But you could use it for those people who just message frequently/nonurgently/whenever. You get the messages (and the red number icon still changes to let you know there are new messages, I think), but not the notifications. Now its called "hide alerts" in the info menu of a message thread on the iPhone.
    2. I have gone all-digital with my planner! (I used to print and bind a custom planner quarterly. It was awesome. But carrying it around and having access to it all the time wasn’t working.) Hoping I’ve found the best digital-analog hybird: I bought an iPad pro and Apple pencil and put all my planner pages in an app – I can still handwrite in my planner digitally on the iPad, but now I can reference and even edit the same pages on my iPhone, too, if I’m too mobile to even consult the iPad. So far it seems like the best of both worlds 🙂

    Off to a major planning session. Maybe I’ll manage to revisit my mini-routines to get some energy back before this second trimester is over.

    • Reply theSHUbox March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      Oh yes, Do Not Disturb on messages has been a major win for me for a long time – essential b/c there are certain people that do not seem to register that I go to bed early. Once I’ve gotten a text from someone at 10 pm, they’re Do-Not-Disturbed forever. Ha!

      OMG about your digital system! It sounds like a nice hybrid. I don’t want to carry around an iPad though – would be easier to have my planner! But I get it 🙂

  • Reply Young March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    I loved this podcast! I also subscribe to Note to Self. She is awesome. I loved her recent episodes with Esther Perel … makes me anxious for the young people out there in the dating world. Whew! As for your preference for "real" books, do you usually buy them or check them out from the library? I really prefer actual books also but also worry about clutter- although I consider books to be a good kind of clutter!

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