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October 27, 2017

I will be 34 weeks tomorrow.  Since I have planned to go into labor 12/7 on my last day of work at 39 weeks and 5 days (seriously, sending this carefully thought-out wish into the universe because it just would be sooo perfect and would avoid a potential long traffic-ridden drive filled with contractions and pain and anxiety and all that) I am hoping that I have approximately 6 weeks until delivery!

That is starting to sound like . . . not a lot of time.
And there’s so much happening between now and then!  At work, things are incredibly busy as I try to fit in many of my patients and to participate in the interviews for our first class of residents.  I have a big presentation (American Diabetes Association) coming up that I will be giving at approximately 37 weeks.  I have 11 days of call (not excited about that).  There’s Halloween next week (how did that happen!?) and then of course Thanksgiving and we have tickets to TWO plays and also Lady Gaga (if she is recovered enough to perform).
I can’t tell if part of my inability to sleep is just being anxious about cramming everything in prior to my due date, or if it’s just hormones, but it’s REAL and it’s so unlike me.  I have been waking up many nights around 3:30 am, just unable to do anything but lie there.  One night earlier this week I was awake at 1 and finally just gave up and read for an hour (thankfully, I did fall asleep after that).
I don’t remember having such issues in prior pregnancies, though my 40 week post from 2012 mentions it — but I was just 2 days from delivery when I wrote that, so not quite the same.  
ANYWAY.  The up-side of my insomnia is that my mornings have been rather full, even if I’m ready to crash at 8 every night as soon as the kids are in bed.  Today I:
– journaled
– did a brief meditation (trying that again . . . to help with sleep perhaps?)
– did some podcast planning
– completed my time logs from yesterday 🙂
– organized my Dropbox files (it was a mess!)
– wrote this post
. . . and it is now 5:42 AM.  I’ve also been getting more reading done — currently into Crossing to Safety which I am loving for my current mood – it’s a peaceful, lyrically-written novel so far and therefore an excellent fit for middle-of-the-night reading jags. 
Things I need to do at some point before baby arrives:
– buy bassinet
– buy breastfeeding pillow (no longer have the My Brest Friend I used with A&C!)
– get pump shipped (rented through my insurance; I’m going with the Symphony again) – I like to have this right away after delivery so I can start hoarding building my stash as soon as possible
– make sure to link work in-basket with NP who will be covering
– wash/weed out newborn-sized baby clothes (my old dear friend just shipped back a box of Annabel’s stuff I had sent her years ago!)
We have installed the car seat already (!) as Josh wanted to confirm we could REALLY fit 3 carseats in the back of the Prius (YES, this can be done! 2 Diono Radians and 1 Chicco KeyFit 30) and have also closed on our new big-family car (went with a Highlander Hybrid as we had planned!) — so we will have that by next week.  
I have also thrown some newborn diapers into my amazon subscribe & save haul for the month.  
What am I missing?  heh.  I am going for minimal buying-ahead this time!  Also, I am not doing anything about creating any sort of ‘nursery’ (which is going to involve moving A+C together) until maternity leave.  I’ll have more time then plus the baby will be in our room for quite some time anyway.  

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