FRIDAY report / weekend plan

November 10, 2017


I am, thus far, not a fan.  I know it will take the kids (and me) some time to adjust, but so far:

– we are all really tired
– we are all cranky at night — much more so than usual
– I feel paradoxically MORE tired in the morning than usual (shouldn’t it be the opposite since it’s “later”?)
– no one is sleeping in, so I get less of my (cherished!) morning time

It does not help that this change coincided with a call week!  And while we’re on that note . . .


I am so so so so so so thrilled to report that this past week of call is over — it was quite a busy one, and with 3 full call weeks out of the past 9 I was just . . . done.  I still technically have 4 more days, but they are over Thanksgiving weekend so I will just be handing the inpatient side and emergencies rather than balancing outpatients with hospital phone calls and leaving late every day.

I am so incredibly excited about being finished with this obligation for quite some time!  I honestly don’t think I would mind it so much if it weren’t for a) nighttime calls and b) getting INTERRUPTED with what I am doing all day (i.e. flitting from one request to another, always in triage mode, etc).    My usual compartmentalizing tactics just fail when it’s my job to respond to things as they come in.  I wish there was some other way to structure things, but I’m really not sure there is.  On-call-misery in my profession seems to be fairly universal.


“fall”.  but not really.

– Saturday AM run (perhaps outside?)
– Park playdate while Josh works
– Bake pumpkin pie (this has been on the list for quite some time, I want to make it happen)
– Date night w/ babysitter!
– Sunday AM maybe some prenatal barre3
– Miami Book Fair — not a highbrow literary experience with the kids, but fun nevertheless
– Cook something @ home Sunday night

– Pack hospital bag (to keep in care juuuust in case.  Although I am sort of remembering that one doesn’t need all that much.  Plus there is a Target 3 minutes from where I am delivering.)
– Sort baby clothes!
– Prep for upcoming podcast recordings – many exciting ones in the pipeline!
– Get in one nap 🙂


  • Reply Ana March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Yay for call being over (I have about…6 more hours?) and also OMG is it already time to pack the bag, etc… so exciting! I’m sure the kids will enjoy helping your sort clothes, I get a pang of wistfulness about having kids old enough to really get the idea of a new sibling, since my first 2 were close together, like yours. Your weekend sounds great, enjoy!

  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    It is 25 degrees here this morning. I am trying to gear myself up to also do a Saturday run outside but…ugh. Here’s hoping your run goes better!

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