39 0/7 – the last weekend with 2 kids? Maybe?

December 2, 2017

Well, here we are.

Baby #3 seems to be taking after her siblings.  I suspect another 40-weeker is on the way, and I’m coming to peace with that!  I usually feel good each day until about 9 pm and then I absolutely cannot get comfortable, but . . .meh.  It’s still not thaaaaaat bad.

(If I am still sitting here with zero signs one week from now I am sure I will be singing another tune; I know the ‘due date’ is arbitrary but what can I say — I don’t like LATENESS.  In any form.)


not too shabby

Looking forward to:
– 3 year old bday party for one of our good friends’ kids today (as I’ve said before I’m one of the weird people that actually likes kid bday parties!  Free entertainment + energy expenditure for the kids, adult conversation — I’m going to be sad when the invites all turn into drop-offs).  A is good friends with the birthday girl’s older sister and it’s a gymnastics party, so . . . double win.

– Last scheduled pre-baby date night.  The first half is going to be an online shopping fest (despite the best-laid intentions, we didn’t order most of the kids’ Hanukkah gifts yet!  Tonight we will get it done, and then celebrate with delicious Italian food.

– Watching more of This Is Us, because I’m hooked, and probably finishing my book — which is good timing because a) we have a haul of reserved books coming to our mobile library and b) my Kindle Paperwhite arrived!

– Possibly staying home to rest while Josh takes the kids to Coco.  I know C is a little young for it but I think he’ll be okay.  Thoughts from others who have seen it?

Also happening:
– Annabel’s ballet class.  I think she is getting tired of ballet (prefers gymnastics + swimming + she wants to do basketball in the spring!) but I told her she has to finish the classes I paid for.

– Pumpkin pancakes and chili from Run Fast Eat Slow.  This has been our go-to cookbook this year and I’m so excited there will be a sequel released next year!  Not until August, but still exciting.

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  • Reply Allison March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Hi! I wanted to pop in after listening to today’s podcast about maternity leave/nursing. I have found myself in the same boat as you with my hatred for pumping, but I want to do it because I "can" even if it becomes far more frustrating than I want it to.
    That said, I’m back at work after having my second child. There are a number of things different this time, and I think my supply is better, but one thing that has helped (I think) is my pump. My insurance this time had a new pump available – the Spectra. I went for it and it’s been great. I travel to clients for work and the rechargeable battery/portability is great. It’s also a hospital-grade pump so it should be better than the Medela I used last time. It’s also a lot quieter, which is awesome. And while I still don’t like the process of pumping, it doesn’t hurt really at all and has made the process slightly more bearable this time.
    Best of luck!

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