December 7, 2017

So I currently have an induction date set on the calendar: 12/10/17.  Sunday.

Baby #3 is due 12/9/17.  
There was no clear reason given for this induction other than “that was the date the hospital had available”.  So . . . I think I’m going to cancel it.
I am 100% for epidurals (I do NOT do well with pain and love this intervention!) and for inductions and Cs when indicated, of course.  But I need a reason other than scheduling (or even annoying insomnia, fatigue, or nausea) to justify getting things going medically when it’s a process that (theoretically) should naturally occur on its own.
I was thinking about how this relates to my practice of medicine.  In general, I wouldn’t say I’m a super-non-interventionalist – but I definitely don’t push medications or procedures, either.  I try to give patients all the options, risks, and benefits, and let them make their own decisions.  In many cases (example: mild precocious puberty) there is the option to do nothing (and watch and wait) vs do something (use meds that don’t always have the nicest side effects).  I absolutely offer both, but IF they ask me what I would do, many times the answer is watchful waiting.
SO.  I’m going to follow my gut and my own inclinations.
OF course I hope this rumination is all for naught — C came rather suddenly (water broke the night before the due date) but yeah.  
But I feel more at peace now.  
I ordered pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise(I learned about this shop/online store on the What Should I Read Next podcast and was intrigued by the Lefty Set!) and they came!  It was a lot of fun to try them.  I think I will use them for marking books perhaps?  Because I’m otherwise quite wedded to pens.  HMMM.  Still fun though.