still here :) 40 & 1

December 10, 2017
Here we are!
40 1/7
I feel like a time bomb.  But I’m really really trying to just embrace it.  I did end up cancelling my induction (though I certainly get the arguments on both sides, and am hoping I do not regret my decision, especially since we are a 30-45 min drive from the hospital where I’ll be delivering, depending on traffic).
Summary of this weekend so far has included:
– a lot of lying around (for me)
– kids’ bday parties that I didn’t think we’d likely make it to (one last night, another one today)
– anxiety (is she still moving enough?  did that twinge mean anything?  what about that one?  what if my water is broken but only a tiny bit so it’s hard to tell?  what if . . . continue ad nauseum)
I am also trying to do some year-end wrap-up and introspection since I have no idea whether I’ll be in any brainspace to do so around the actual new year.  
what worked & what didn’t – will share details in a later post
(and maybe podcast ep)

On the upside, I don’t feel too physically terrible during the day — evenings are rough (she seems to be doing a very painful dance on my bladder every night and I honestly cannot get comfortable no matter what I do around 7p – 10p).  But I have been sleeping!  Trying to savor that (and bank it, as much as this is possible!) because obviously in a very short time this will no longer be my reality.
Some pix:
bday party glitter tattoo

from Josh’s bday – (12/8)
We had our traditional day-date for his birthday!  
I got a prenatal massage and told the (very talented) masseuse to try to induce labor.
It was an excellent massage but . . . did not work.

OFFICIAL 40 week pic!!!


– Quit running at around 37.5 weeks.
– Quit barre at maybe 35?  Made me too sore.
– Did one run at 39.5 weeks to try to get things going – it didn’t work.
– Feeling too tired to run currently but who knows, maybe I’ll try again.
– Okay during day
– Miserable at night  

– Gained ~23 lbs total
– BP okay although diastolic creeping up a bit (80s)
– Next OB check Monday (at 40 2/7)

Preparations made:
– Car seat done and installed bases in both cars
– Bassinet in room
– Clothes prepped
– Hospital bag packed
Still need to do:
– Combine A&C into one room and create nursery.  But not planning on doing this until Feb or so.
– Get breast pump (I’m getting the Spectra after hearing rave reviews!  But my insurance won’t ship it until baby is born.
Prior pregnancies at 40 weeks:
– Cameron 39 6/7 / Cameron 40


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