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January 9, 2018

Kidding.  Sort of.

I was all jazzed up about doing more posting here in the new year (and thank you all for weighing in on topics!), but am definitely off to a slow start.  Our nanny is sick and I’m strengthening my SAHM-ing muscles this week!  If nothing else, it is helping me to remember how incredibly lucky (and/or spoiled, depending on your take) I am to have her help during these 12 weeks — I don’t neeeeed it like I do when working, but it is so so nice.  Although to be fair (to myself!) thus far I have not very many days at all with kids off + her present (she had her vacay over Christmas/New Years’, and the kids were off from school for 2 full weeks. . .).  But theoretically there should be a number of them up ahead.  Yay.

At least school is back in session!  This morning’s drop-off with all 3 in the rain* was . . . fun.  I organized today’s tasks into:

— Things I need G to be asleep for 


— Everything else

Luckily, not much falls into the first category.  Basically just writing this post (hi!) and transcribing the BoBW intro — need to re-record it so that I can officially say “Mom of 3” rather than “soon-to-be-3”.

Hopefully baby G will let me prep dinner while she watches me and/or becomes transfixed by the reflections in the stainless steel fridge (seriously, she is WAY into the reflective fridge surface for whatever reason).  And I can corral the other 2 into their rooms or possibly a show — they are currently blazing through Spirit: Riding Free on Netflix.

Other random goings-on (clearly this is NOT going to be a topical-type post!)

✅ I am sticking to my 2018 goals so far!  (BoBW listeners, there is a new episode up today on our 2018 goals).  Thus far I have been listening to an album every day, reading a lot, and doing my DIA workouts.  I have struggled a bit with one-on-one time with the kids because of the lack of childcare. (I need someone to actually be here to take the other 2 to make that happen!).

✅  I am doing a 6 week challenge from the DIA method to ease back into workouts and hopefully close my diastasis (REALLY MEANS = flatten my post-baby abs).  I even took before pix.  I am only going to share them if there’s an appreciable change at the end of 6 weeks.  (Maybe.)  Thus far it’s a lot of breathing exercises, some gentle strength work (think barre3 but on the easy side) and light cardio.  I am not doing their diet b/c honestly I have to eat a ton while breastfeeding and don’t have significant weight loss goals.

✅  Pumping once/day is going well.  Getting about 2-2.5 oz after her morning feeding and a tiny freezer stock has formed. This time I finally got wise and am freezing the bags flat in an organizer (I got this one and it seems to work so far).  I am too miserly to actually GIVE her a bottle but it’s nice to have this fitting into the routine.

✅  The past 2 nights she slept 9:30 – 2:30, then until around 5:30, then until around 8.  This is much, much better than either A or C did at this age (especially C) and I am just praying she doesn’t regress too much!!  She is really really REALLY a good baby thus far and no matter what happens in the future, I will consider myself lucky to have had it this easy in the early weeks.

✅  Currently reading: The Four Tendencies.  (I have found that my natural reading rhythm right now seems to be 2 novels to 1 non-fiction, then repeat!).  My GOD do I fit her Upholder profile.  (And Josh is such a Questioner).  Fascinating!

* the rain that didn’t start until 2 minutes AFTER we left and sadly, I did not have the foresight to pack an umbrella!

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