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January 27, 2018

I guess I stirred up some serious passion in the last post.  Thank you for all of your comments and sharing your experiences.  Luckily, I have some time before I even have to worry about pumping so much, but it was on my mind (and I had promised to share my thoughts on the Spectra!).

It’s the weekend, and I have plans laid out (as per usual).  However, we’ll see if the virus currently circulating in our house throws a wrench into them.  As is happening across the US this winter (omg this map!), Annabel’s class was basically taken out this week by the flu (influenza B, specifically — a couple of kids got tested and that’s what came back).  She reported that there were only 9 kids present in school yesterday (out of 20!) although I wonder if the # is inflated because some parents are just keeping their kids home to avoid exposing them.*

still love those giant microbes

Annabel herself had only a mild cough for two days earlier this week and no fever (I checked) — so I think perhaps she had a very mild version blunted by the vaccine . . though obviously we do not know this for sure.  I had similar URI symptoms this week (still getting over them) and yes — 6-week-old Genevieve currently has a runny nose, which is pitiful and anxiety-provoking.  Agh.  However, she’s still smiling, eating, and afebrile.   None of us seem systemically ill.  Yet.

Cameron however now sounds congested and he is our weakest link (asthma) so . . . we will see what happens.  It seems like everyone I talk to is being affected by flu this season (which, now that I see the CDC’s map above, makes sense).  If this round is all we have to content with, I’ll consider ourselves lucky.

I know that many parents of young babies shutter themselves inside during times like these, but I haven’t really attempted to quarantine G, because . . . well, I decided it was 100% impossible.  Since I have two preschool/school-aged kids going to two different germ-filled institutions basically serving as petri dishes, I have basically just accepted the fact that G’s immune system is going to have to do the work.  There’s only so much handwashing one can do, and I’m not willing to cut A/C off from hugs and kisses.  I’m hoping that my own set of antibodies + whatever extra I can give in her milk will be enough protection.  Since symptoms have been so mild, I didn’t pursue Tamiflu for anyone — really hoping I don’t regret that later.
Weekend plans that may or may not pan out:
Today –
– hopefully run in AM
– Annabel ballet (w/ Josh) & both kids swim class
– park play date (I’ll let our friends know about everyone’s symptoms and see if they still want to come — at least it’s outside and let’s face it, the kids were in school together yesterday so . . . )
– chill afternoon (& stop at Mobile Library – I am consuming books at an insane rate, need more!)
– Heat game!  I think we’ll just bring G.  I even got her noise-reducing earmuffs 🙂
Tomorrow –
– Chill AM
– swim class
– bday party (outdoors.  C’s friend.  We’ll see how he is and whether this will need to be skipped)
– fam dinner – I plan to make African Peanut Stew (this recipe from the Oh She Glows Cookbook)

* Not how we roll, but I can see how it could make sense in certain circumstances

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