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January 6, 2018


We’re having a quiet weekend around here.  A lot of couch nursing/reading (finally breaking in the kindle paperwhite reading Little Fires Everywhere*  – I do find it easier to balance on the My Brest Friend compared to a real book, but I still miss pages!).  Josh just took the kids out bike riding and I am assuming this post will be very short because G is very into 30 minute naps lately.**  I am taking G to a bridal shower and we have a park play-date set for tomorrow.  Oh, and we may attempt a restaurant experience – our first dinner out as a family of 5.  I actually think things will be pretty easy in this realm until G is mobile (or at least more awake), so might as well do it now!

* enjoying it a lot; reminds me of a slightly more literary Liane Moriarty

** which I am fine with because her night sleep remains very decent predictable – bed between 9-10, up at ~1-2, 4-5, and 6-7 for multiple nights in a row now.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to ask if anyone has any blog post ideas/requests, as I haven’t solicited feedback in a while!  Here is a list of current frequent topics + some ideas I’ve had floating around, so you can ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ them, or add to them with any of your own.

day in the life
fave parenting books
kon-mari (round #2)
our version of (sort of) minimalism
stationery faves round-up
finding babysitters (though not sure I have much to add here)
daily routines
social media – current use (& misuse)
go-to recipes
parenting philosophies
kid-friendly activities in South Florida
eating evolution
wardrobe transitions
planning series (my methods & paper systems)
what’s in your bag? (work / diaper / other)
skincare / cosmetics
media & kids – what we currently do
fave splurges vs places to save
monthly media reports (books, music, tv, blog posts)
workouts / fitness
goals check-ins
weekend reports
Which kinds of posts are you itching for more of, and which could you do without?  Let me know, and I will try to include more of what you all are looking for!

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