10 sundry thoughts & happenings

February 8, 2018

1) iPhone = replaced.  I always buy AppleCare, but this was perhaps the first time it really paid off – my phone had some hardware audio problem, and after 2 minutes of diagnostics the tech just handed me a replacement.  Yay.

2) While in the store I started ogling the watches.  Gulp.  I have to admit the prospect of being able to answer calls and texts with only my watch (not my phone!) is very tempting.  Anyone have an Apple Watch 3?  Love it or hate it?

3) Our beloved nanny is away for a 14-day stretch (in Jamaica!), which she definitely deserves.  So I have been getting a tiny taste of SAHM-ing.  My conclusions:  it’s hard and time-consuming, especially with a baby at home!  I also don’t feel like I get tons of extra quality time with A&C, which is interesting.  A little bit, yes, but not a ton.  Interesting.

4) Annabel’s kindergarten class has now requested that we have her spend 20 minutes daily on a computer learning program.  In addition 8:20 – 1:50 pm in school PLUS homework that takes about 30 minutes.  She actually doesn’t mind this at all, but man – it’s a lot, for kindergarten.

5) We just planned a short Disney weekend in April — I had vowed not to go back until all kids were over 3, but Josh has a conference and he really wanted us to come, and Disney is RIGHT THERE and G is still so portable so she doesn’t really count . . . so . . . yeah.  I have to admit I am excited, especially since we are going to surprise A&C!

6) Speaking of planning, Laura discussed Planning Fatigue in her post yesterday.  It’s definitely a thing, but I think I’m fairly immune to it.  I’m not sure why.  Now that we have Disney nailed down I want to work on planning our main vacation for the year (Seattle / Portland in August!).  This is the really the only big family trip we’re planning on this year, so I want to make it count.

7) I’m currently reading When by Daniel Pink.  So far I think I’ve already heard most of his points on Freakonomics (such a good podcast, though not by the author!) but it’s interesting.

8) I am in my penultimate week of the DIA workouts and ready to move on.  A very fit reader (hi Tyra!) mentioned Mommastrong and I am intrigued.  Have others tried it?  I also have to admit . . . I miss running (I had planned to focus on other fitness endeavors this year).  I’m still heading out 2x/week (3ish miles) but that’s not quite cutting it for me in terms of the endorphins / feeling of fitness . . .

9) Re: planning, I am in full-on birthday party planning mode.  The kids are born in December (G) / February (C) / April (A), so there is definitely a “season” of bday parties in our home.  As I’ve mentioned, I actually really enjoy other people’s parties, so I feel a bit of a duty to reciprocate.  C is going to have a basketball party, and I’m looking into an art party (probably a “paint your own canvas” type place, minus the wine) for A.  Laura and I are thinking about a birthday party episode, so please share your birthday party pearls & tricks if you have them!

I think we’ll make A’s “drop-off optional” (some families might want to stay esp if they are our friends and we are fine with that!).  The first drop-off party of any kind!  Quite a milestone . . .

10) Music:  The Decemberists (one of my favorite bands) have a new song (Severed) and an album coming out in March.  I cannot get their new song out of my head.  And speaking of earworms . . . if you haven’t heard this song yet . . . you will.

Superorganism, Everybody Wants to Be Famous
(NOTE: apparently video can cause seizures . . . you’ve been warned)