C is 4! and other good things

February 21, 2018
We’ve had a lot going on lately – some of the non-bloggable variety (everything is ok, don’t worry) and some that needs to be commemorated in photo form – below!
In the latter category, Cameron turned 4!
Mr C.  Cameron is my sweet, smart, relatively uncomplicated little boy.  He says the most random and hilarious things (“Can we go to Earth?  One day?” he asked casually at the breakfast table).  He mispronounces “rhinoceros” in the best possible way.  His favorite color is green (“AND blue,” he reminded me) and favorite food is mac ‘n’ cheese, preferably from Panera.  
He is rough and tough and covered in 9385 bruises, none of which he can remember the origin.   He loves to play basketball.  He tolerates Genevieve (we’re still working on it!).  Yep, he falls into all of the typical gender stereotypes – what can I say?  
His hugs are becoming less frequent (sigh) but no less delicious.  He is soft and cuddly and honestly seems younger than 4 in many ways, but he’s also starting to write letters and tries to beat A in tic tac toe.
He can whine with the best of them (= his older sister . . .) but I think he has an easygoing personality underneath.  I can’t wait to see even more of his personality come out as he grows up.  Happy birthday CAMERON!!!
Pix from his party – we did a big bash at our local JCC, inviting his whole class.  There was basketball, balloon animals, and glitter tattoos.  Dinosaur party favors.  And a basketball cake!  It was a terrific affair.
birthday boy with his spiderman balloon

my sister (Aunt Bec) is visiting and got to come!!!

glitter tattoo
whole fam!!
after some initial protest, A had a blast too
my sweet birthday boy!
More weekend pix . . .

Aunt Bec getting allll the cuddles

Another day, another hand-knitted dress (this one by my mom)


She’s (mostly) out of the Rock ‘n’ Play!
(I’m avoiding due to some head flattening/asymmetry already – agh)
(She’s doing naps in the crib in her room and nights still in our room in a bassinet)

 My handsome 4 year old
Note – I feel like 4 is when one graduates officially from the little kid/baby phase to that middle phase — although I suppose one could argue it’s kindergarten/5.  Honestly I’m not ready, so I’m glad I still have G!!!  


  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Happy birthday Mr. C! I read about a study (I think I read it in Time? HuffPo? a few years ago) that age 4 is when the baby features that make people react in a different way to little kids disappear. The horrible headline: "The age at which your baby stops being so adorable." But totally not true in the case of Mr. C!! What a little gentleman 🙂

  • Reply Jenny March 10, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Happy birthday to Cameron! My oldest just turned four and I agree with you that the change from 3 to 4 definitely seems like the biggest leap forward so far (well, perhaps after the change from age 0 to 1) — my daughter’s "little kid"-ness seemed to just disappear overnight.

    A question for you, or perhaps a future post idea — you mentioned on the most recent podcast ep that you save a lot of recipes from magazines. How do you organize/reference them for actual use later on? I’ve tried a variety of stuff from tearing them out to dog-earing the pages in the magazines themselves, but either way they all seem to end up in an inaccessible pile.

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  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Happy Birthday C! I do agree that 4 feels … different and less toddler-like. There’s also been a huge shift in the past month or so as G approaches 6, which I think is the combined influence of being around older kids at school and development. He seems like a real, separate, person now with his own internal world (does that make sense?).
    Your G is so beautiful! How can you stand it? She’s the platonic ideal of a baby 🙂

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