April 5, 2018

And just like that, she is 6.

My first.
The one I had to try the hardest for.
The most dramatic delivery (by far).
My only NC baby.
The one who made me a mother.

4/5/12 7 pm
Dear Annabel, 
I wonder if you’ll read this someday.  (Or perhaps even today, since you’re now capable if we help you with the biggest words).  
You are an amazing child.  From the very beginning, you have been full of life, with a bit of a wizened look about you.

 You are insightful.  Spirited.  Feisty.  Opinionated.  Determined.

Moody at times (I know when hormones hit . . . it will not be easy!).

But you are also sweet and loving and happy.

You’re an introvert, I think.  You love creating imaginary worlds, dressing up, and acting out different roles.

You’re also very loving.

You are athletic and active.  And daring.  Your dad lets you climb trees.  I can’t watch.

You are flexible in body (though maybe less so in your mind!).  But you find ballet a little too heavy on the discipline.  

That’s okay.

You’re my first baby.

You’ve lost teeth at an accelerated rate.  The first one at age 4 1/2.  There are already 5 missing!  

You are a fantastic big sister, and embraced this role from day 1 with Genevieve.  (It definitely took more of an adjustment after Cameron but we’ll cut you some slack since you weren’t even 2!!)
You are excellent at art — and currently obsessed with horses.
I can’t believe you are 6.  I am so proud of how you have grown up so far.  And I am so excited for the years to come!
Happy birthday, Annabel!