In Which I Turn 38

May 21, 2018
I have been writing here since I was (gulp) 24 (first post: here).
TWENTY FOUR.  Basically a pre-adult.  Just a few years off from halfway between Annabel’s age and where I stand today.  
I often wonder if I’ll still be documenting at 45.  55.  75!?  Will there be a generation of us with digital archives spanning decades?
I guess so – if not a blog (and probably not, as I realize this kind of personal journal is kind of outdated and old-school, and yet I keep going . . .), then on social media.  In fact, I guess part of one’s life will be the feeds which march on parallel to lives, filled with some (probably idealized) version of what actually went on.
ANYWAY.  All that to say — OMG, I’m 38.  Definitely late 30s.  Definitely in hardcore KID MODE.  And generally enjoying it.  I had a lovely birthday yesterday — it started with everyone sleeping until 7:20 (G woke up at 12 and 4, but I’m not counting those) and then breakfast tacos!
I then got to open up a bag of luluemon goodness (thank you Josh!) and did my 21 Day Fix workout, and then we organized (Kon-Mari style) the kids toys.  Broken plastic pieces were NOT sparking any joy.  
We finished with pizza + ice cream for everyone except Genevieve who looked at both longingly and made at least one grab for my plate.  
It was a really nice day, and I am still feeling really happy and full and thankful.  There is so much (#*&@ going on in the world, and so many negative things I could spend a lot of time thinking about, but I’m choosing joy for now.  Because these years really are short.
Additional happenings:
Annabel was Adela in her school drama show!  After a false-start last semester I was so proud of her for doing it.  She was the cutest mermaid (with a LOT of hair).

She’s not throwing away her shot