G is 6 months!

June 11, 2018
This feels at least somewhat momentous!  Our newest family member has now been here for six months.  

1) She is happier now and easier than she was just a couple of months ago.  She is in that lovely sweet spot where she can entertain herself for a bit on her own BUT can’t move anywhere!  
2) She’s not sitting up for very long (slumps over after a few seconds) but is getting close.  
3) There are two teeth visible through the bottom gum!  My earliest tooth eruptor (A was 9 months I believe; C was 7 months). 

4) Nope, she’s still not sleeping through the night or even close.  She passes out completely tired at around 7pm.  Last night she ate at 11:30 and 3:15; Saturday night was better (one feeding at 12:30am, then 5am).  She’ll probably be up soon.  She often will wake around 5 or 5:30 and talk to herself contentedly for quite some, so I’ve been trying to let her do that until closer to 6:30 or 7 if she’s reasonably happy.
5) I can’t seem to care much about #4.  I do not currently have plans to do any sleep training (we did minimal training with A and didn’t do anything formal w C).  I know she won’t be doing this forever.  
6) She finally moved to her crib at night this weekend!  

 7) I am not sure how much she weighs.  She was 15 lb 6 oz at her 4 month visit (88%).  Maybe 17-18 lb?  She is not small πŸ™‚  Her thighs are awesome.  We will find out at her pediatrician visit next weekend.

8) She’s now eating some solids (actually we started around 5m).  Likes: sweet potato, avocado, baby oatmeal.  Dislikes: peas from a jar (but will eat them pureed and mixed with other veg).

9) She has definitely been dragged everywhere more than the other 2 from a very young age.   She doesn’t seem to mind.   This weekend she had approximately 15% of her naps in the crib.

10) Shockingly I still have a freezer with a bunch of milk in it.  I’ve been keeping up w/ pumping.  Most days I manage to produce what she eats (only 9-10 oz most days while I’m at work).   I think she makes up for it with this nighttime feedings.  
I stressed about this SO MUCH in the first 5 months but in the past month or so it has been easier and less of an issue.  I’m not sure how long I will pump, but I’d like to keep it up at least until our family trip (early August . . . now about 8 weeks away) and then might reduce pump sessions at work after that.
It was a great weekend!  Highlights included pool time, a night out at a going-away party, and a lot of good food.  I’m totally behind on some work things, but I think everything will play out okay this week.  (Or dare I hope).
The other 2: Annabel trying rock climbing; Cameron in his element @ the children’s museum