clean up catch up & a dilemma

July 27, 2018

When I take a week of call, I miss my weekly day off that comes with being an 80% employee.  But I always make them up the next week!

(Otherwise, that really would be heinously unfair.)
I ended up with both Tuesday + today (Friday) scheduled off this week, but then realized that I had committed to giving both morning report and noon conference today.  SOOO, I took 1/2 day off yesterday and will take 1/2 day this afternoon.
One one hand, this theoretically sounds nice because I get to spread out my time at home.  However, I would advise against this sort of schedule or anyone considering a part-time situation for two reasons:
1) COMMUTE.  There goes ~2 additional hours!
2) No reprieve from the morning rush (which is a delicious part of being off on a weekday)
3) It’s verrrrry easy to get sucked into doing more work which will quickly turn your half day into a ~90% day.
All that said, I am rather looking forward to today.  I think I am going to stay at work and just CRANK #(*&$@ OUT.  I may even close my door (typically never do this other than while pumping) so that everyone leaves me alone.  We are headed on vacation at the end of next week (yay!) so I want to start clearing everything out in preparation . . . 
– Empty new results list / pt IN BOX
– Clear out / respond to work email 
– Empty physical work IN BOX
– Finalize schedules for Sept conferences, Oct conferences
– Complete resident evals
– Put Sept-Dec schedules into calendar
– Podcast prep!  Look at fall schedule, review topics + guests
– Clear out / respond to regular email
– Finalize vacation plans!  ? Packing list for trip
– Weekend plan (for this weekend)
There’s a Pediatric Program Director meeting in October in Philadelphia that I was thinking of going to.  I think it may be useful for my residency-related role, and I think it would be fun.  G will be 10 months at that time.
As of now, I’m still fully pumping at work/nursing at home, but I do plan on scaling back on the pumping once we return from our trip.  That said, I really don’t want our breastfeeding relationship to end early – I enjoyed nursing A until about 13 months (AM/PM for a few months, no pumping!) and was hoping for a similar experience with G.  Should I:
a) Skip the conference; there will be many many MANY conf opportunities in the future but this is my last baby 
b) Bring G to the conference and have her hang out with my parents during the day while I attend conference activities.  This sounds . . . okay, but also hectic and extremely un-relaxing (which honestly is part of why conferences are typically enjoyable for me!).  Flying by myself with G – completely doable but un-fun.  My parents also live ~40 min from downtown PHL where the conference is held.  Although I could uber each day and have work cover it, esp since I wouldn’t be staying in a hotel.
c) Bring the pump, stay at a hotel (with a dinner out w/ my parents!) and just hope for the best (pump AM/PM/maybe once during day).  
My fear is with c) that she might not want to nurse when I got back.  Maybe it’s irrational but C quit abruptly at 9 months and I wasn’t ready – and it hurt my feelings and made me a little more paranoid this time around.
I recognized that my BoBW persona would say GO! but my heart is leaning towards a).  There will be many many conference opportunities in 2019 (already planning the calendar) when this won’t be an issue weighing on my mind.  

cutest ball & chain ever . . .