we just “laxed” // 4th of July

July 5, 2018

Somehow, Cameron started using the word “lax” for “relax” and it has become a family trope of sorts.   I wrote in my last post about using planners/planning/reflection to aid in savoring, and OMDG pointed out that her most savored moments tend to be when she says “F#*& it all!” and throws her to do list out the window.

I do not disagree about enjoying swathes of totally unproductive (and unscheduled) time.   However, I tend to feel better when I actually PLAN to ignore my to do list rather than have the tension of stuff I was “supposed” to be working on hanging over my head.

Yesterday’s planner square was blank; all it said was “OFF – whole family off”, which is definitely something I savor because many holidays feature at least one parent on call (since our nanny is off on holidays, we can’t typically both work the same holiday, so that spreads the holiday coverage out over the year).

ANYWAY, it was a day of “laxing”, there was essentially nothing scheduled, and I set out to accomplish nothing . . . and it was excellent.

– Inadvertently playing the Sufjan Stevens song “Fourth of July” (I didn’t even remember the album had a song with this title, but maybe my subconscious knew!?) while playing with G early in the morning

– 4 mi walk/run with my friend (mostly walk b/c she is not a runner, but I ran 0.75 mi each way to and from her house, so that’s something)

– 3 hours (or thereabouts) spent at the pool (it was sunny + high 80s which helped!)

– A ridiculously late lunch (really lunch/dinner) at Harry’s Pizza that featured rosé, a peach/burrata salad, polenta fries, and (duh) pizza

– Post-pizza trip to Target with the kids.  Everyone was in good spirits and it was just fun.  My new favorite thing is identifying the most ridiculous products:

A $55 water bottle that tracks your drinking habits
Just . . . wow

– Movie night for the kids — I’m not even sure what they were watching, but I snuggled with them and finished Us Against You which I loved.

Seriously, it was such a good day and we did very little.  We hadn’t planned any of it in advance, but I did have that luscious blank square that I looked forward to all week.  It may just be a difference in style but I tend to enjoy time ‘off’ more when I’ve preemptively decided to be lazy and somewhat spontaneous.  (Which maybe makes me the least spontaneous person ever, but I can live with that title.)

G’s first piano lesson

PS: G slept until 4:30 last night!!!!!!  Her longest ever stretch of sleep.  I’m sure it was a fluke, but it felt amazing.  I think she was extra tired b/c she spent a lot of time outside AND she’s starting to be doing a lot of workout-type moves as she gets close to crawling!

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