Epic Journey

August 5, 2018

I didn’t end up bringing my laptop on this trip, because we were trying to keep luggage reasonable (kind of impossible with car seats and a travel crib, but we did our best!).  But I wanted to check in and say hi and that so far I’m so glad we made this epic journey.  I was super anxious before we left, yet once we got going, it really wasn’t thaaaaat bad.  

We left MIA at 445 am and arrived in Whistler BC 2 days ago at 130 am EST, so 21 hours of traveling.  But kids were mostly well behaved (even G) and we made it.
(Note: very very glad we sprang for a plane seat for G- since we spent 8 hrs in the air on 2 flights.)
I’ll mostly just update on instagram (@the_shubox) but I’ll try to check in here too from time to time!
A few pix …

We are staying with Josh’s friends from college who have an amazing home here and it has been a lot of fun- our kids loooove theirs (Cameron is obsessed with  their 9 year old in particular) so it’s kind of like a long play date which works really well — no one has any expectations of a civilized dinner 🙂

The mountains are insanely beautiful, the weather is crisp and gorgeous (or at least it feels that way compared to home!) and when G is older we will have to return for skiing …
PS: I love Canada and Canadians so much.  Seriously people are so incredibly nice here!  We will be back.