sleep is amazing + various updates

September 25, 2018

Lest anyone think I have ghosted (or uhh, GOMI’d?) after the last two posts, I am popping in for a much lighter update today.

First and foremost:
1) GENEVIEVE SLEPT 7 – 5:30 AM last night, and I slept 9:20 – 5:15 AM.   Honestly, I feel amazing, which highlights the fact that my ‘baseline’ lately is to feel like garbage.  She has had a cough/cold for the past 2 weeks (no fever, thankfully) and it has been terrible.  I am sure this added to my short fuse during my call week.
Sleep deprivation is not something I am ‘good’ at.  While I wouldn’t say I need a ton of sleep, there is an enormous difference between 6.5 interrupted hours and a nearly-8 solid stretch.  Genevieve is an incredibly sweet, gorgeous, bright baby and I am so happy to have her in my life.  But she has not been terribly on-the-ball with the whole sleeping at night thing.
Combine that with pumping and feeling incredibly behind all of the time, and well — yeah.  It has been a rough 6.5 months!
sometimes you just need a countdown
2) This li’l blog is getting a makeover!  Through a plea on the podcast, I found an experienced self-described WordPress Pro and got an actual quote.  It is a bit of an investment, but I have decided that  I AM WORTH IT.   I have spent, cumulatively, thousands of hours writing on this blog.  However, I have spent something like 0.5 hours making it a user-friendly space that people a) can find and b) want to click on.  I have decided that since I am dedicating some of my ‘off’ time to the podcast/this space for the time being, I’d like to up my game.  Just a little.
I am researching other ad networks, too.  I am not sure I am ‘big’ enough for some of them, but perhaps a makeover and optimizing other aspects will help get me there.  I like to think I have something to offer on this site:  honesty (which used to be a common thing on various blogs and sites, but things are so curated now that I believe I am a bit of an outlier in the new landscape) + ideas about planning/organizing (ie one of my favorite things in life).  
I also clearly need to update the tabs above, which haven’t changed in many years.  While we’re at it, I can probably take down my expired running PRs πŸ™‚  Oh man.  It will be a project and likely will take several months to complete, but I think it will be worth it!
3) I am taking a Six Sigma course for work today!  I am intrigued by the idea of process improvement.  I am also excited at the prospect of spending the morning in learning mode.  
4) We had a lovely weekend (definitely didn’t pack in as much as Laura, but it was social / fun / full nonetheless).  I will say I have reached a point however where my ‘getting things done’ time on weekends has really dwindled.  I feel like I spent 50% of my time following G around, 25% cleaning up (not in any perfectionist way but just to prevent our house from being utterly trashed), and 25% on various big kid things including helping with an elaborate homework project (Annabel) comparing and contrasting school in China vs the US (this project seemed like a little much for first grade, but what do I know!?).

Josh and I coordinated well — he took the big kids on multiple outings while I was with G, and all 3 in the pool Sunday while I made dinner — but I still felt a bit spent and behind (on life maintenance + on sleep) by the end. 

We managed to cram in:
– one workout each (both of us ran — one after another — on Saturday morning)
– a day each to sleep in (him Saturday, me Sunday!  After feeding G overnight x 2 though so it wasn’t the most rejuvenating . . . )
– parenting book club (done as a dinner party, with wine, which is the best way to discuss parenting books).  We dissected Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.  It was so much fun.
– organization/weeding out of the kid’s clothes (me)
– ordering of new kid’s clothes (me) including matching dresses from Tea Collection that I JUST HAD TO HAVE

I have never put A&G in matching outfits before but something about these just spoke to me
– play date for A on Sunday
– impromptu playdate Sunday afternoon (another family!)
– A’s piano lesson
I guess that’s pretty good!  I did not get time to:
– write (and I had plenty of feelings stirring after my last post, but perhaps the break was a good thing)
– complete my weekly review (uh oh)
– answer emails (sincere apologies to everyone who emailed me, I WILL respond and appreciate it!!)
– bake
Maybe I need to process-improve our weekends — or just accept that the above is pretty great as is.  Probably the latter πŸ™‚