September 4, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend.  Mine was . . . meh.

To be fair, we had some lovely family gatherings including a 40th bday for my SIL which was really fun.  BUT,

– Josh was on call
– Weather was mostly disgusting (including a surprise Tropical Storm that was honestly not all that exciting)

In 2016, Josh and I made the executive decision to try to take our call weekends together, thus cutting in half the number of less-fun weekends.  In 2018 (after G was born), we didn’t bother to sync them up.  This was probably a mistake!  I am so much happier on weekends when we are both there to co-parent!  It’s doable solo, but much less fun.  Perhaps more on the challenges of 3 in a future post — don’t get me wrong, I am still so very glad we went for G!  But there’s no doubt things are a little more challenging with her in the picture, and I don’t see that changing for at least a few years.

my beautiful impractical lovable little bundle!
to her credit, she did take some great naps the past few days!

Anyway.  So I really missed Josh!  But we are both off next weekend (yay) and in 2019, we will make every effort to sync things up once again!
In other news, I have been back on the running train.  Not with high mileage or speed (definitely not, as you will see below), but more to just bring it back into the rotation because I am just feeling the itch again.  I’m even thinking about a race next spring, perhaps!  I am definitely continuing Beachbody because I am more convinced than ever that strength work / intervals are incredibly efficient and effective*, but I’m trying to incorporate both.
Here’s how last week looked:
M – 3 mi run (10:12/mi average) 80F
T – Upper Fix (5 + 8 lb weights, total of 14 full pushups + 18 on knees)
R – Lower Fix (8 lb weights)
F – 3 mi run (10:30/mi average in mid-day heat)
S – Dirty 30 (5 + 8 lb weights)
S – 40 min treadmill run (2 mi @ 5.5 mph, 0.25 mi walk, 1.25 mi @ 5.5 mph)
TOTAL mileage – 9.25 (gotta start somewhere!)
My aim is for 3 Beachbody sessions + 3 runs, with gradual increase in mileage and/or pace over the coming weeks with a goal of starting half marathon training in December or so for a March race!  On another (exciting) running note, Laura and I did a hybrid episode with Sarah Bowen Shea of Another Mother Runner – so exciting!  I loved hearing about how her running life has changed with time (and older kids) and was motivated and encouraged by her stories.  You can listen on our podcast (here or on your usual app), or on AMR later this week!
* I took most of August OFF from Beachbody and lost a good chunk of my progress 🙁  I had to dial back on the weights and my pushups were cut nearly in half!  I’m sort of sad but at the same time it was fascinating — and motivating — to see how the body really adapts to this kind of workout!  

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