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October 29, 2018

I’ll stop vagueblogging and cut to the chase:

We are moving closer to my job.
our pool that won’t be ours much longer
Josh will be starting a new job in January at the same health system where I currently work, and it doesn’t makes sense for us both to commute 30-45 minutes north every day.  Our Miami Beach home will go up on the market as soon as next month (!) and we will likely be living at least partially with Josh’s parents until the summer (very grateful that this is an option!) so that A&C can finish out the school year down here.
So if you know anyone who wants a 3BR/2BA mediterranean style home in a lovely mid-Miami-beach neighborhood (hurricane windows/doors!  pool!  children’s drawings on the walls that WILL be painted over!), please send them our way!
I feel bittersweet about the whole thing.  We are moving because Josh feels like this is the right career move for him.  Other positives include:
– Much more affordable home prices (we can consider getting a room for Genevieve and/or an office space) for far less than our current home costs
– I will have less of a commute & be closer to the kids’ schools
– Better work/life balance for Josh – he will likely be working just as hard, but it seems like he’ll be more likely to be truly ‘off’ when off (even if the ‘on’ part will be potentially more intense/frequent)
– We will be closer to our nanny (she’s definitely happy!)
– Better public middle/high schools.  Where we currently live, the elementary school is highly rated but the middle/high schools are not.  We didn’t really have a long-term plan.
We have been taking weekend forays to look at homes, all 3 kids in tow, but I think we are going to take a break for a while and focus on selling before buying/renting.  We have not even completely decided on our destination yet, but are thinking probably Cooper City or Davie.  Less glamorous than Miami Beach for sure, but family friendly and convenient.
All of those practical matters are important and great, but I am still really sad.  It has been amazing being so close to family — walking to family gatherings, dropping by to see Josh’s aunt/uncle on a neighborhood walk, etc.  We finally have some really good friends here – truly a social calendar as full as I really want it to be.  I know we can still come down and hang out with those we are close to, and Josh’s parents being here will ensure that we have an important reason and even a place to stay — but I will still miss feeling so connected.  When I walk into C’s school, I know so many people, and it’s such a nice feeling.  It also took us approximately 5 years to get to this connected place!  It will be frustrating starting again.  I will say I am glad Genevieve is so young because I feel like it’s the toddler years where you really get to meet and get to know other parents well.
Anyway — here’s to our new adventure!  Wish us luck.

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