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Planner Review #2: Get to Work Book

October 12, 2018
Hello and welcome back to Planner Review Series — it’s week #2!
Today, I will spotlight the Get to Work Book!  This was one of the very first planners I received after sending out a request for samples, so special thanks to Elisa Blaha Cripe, the creator of the planner (and I presume running the company, too!).  I believe I first heard of the GTWB on the Girls Next Door Podcast (PS: this a very fun, light conversational podcast that I love listening to!) — Kelsey, one of the hosts, swears by this planner and has used it for several years running.  
I can see why one would get attached to this planner.  It is practical, versatile, chock-full of useful things, and well-designed.   I was sent the 2018 version for review, since 2019 wasn’t out when I sent my email!
So let’s dive in, shall we?
Cover/Aesthetics:  This book is spiral bound and feels durable.  It is 7″ x 9″, a popular size in the planning world, and quite thick for a non-daily planner.  The cover is a thick heavy chipboard – it’s not going to bend in your bag.  It has 12 sturdy laminated tabs, one for each month.
The look of this planner is — like our last contender — not very feminine, which may be a plus or minus depending on your preferences!  It definitely has a professional vibe and would fit in well on a work desk.
There is no color — it’s all black and white, which might sound less enticing but it allows you to use your own color with plenty of effect.  I love the use of grayscale — the pages (as you’ll see below) just have a pleasing look to them.  You will WANT to write in this planner!
Planning/goal-setting pages:  This planner has a moderate amount of ‘extra’ planning pages.  It is not as structured as the Full Focus, but it isn’t strictly a datebook, either.  
The planner opens with a shaded box for each month (to write in highlights of what is coming up), and a reflection page on the previous year’s goals.  Then, each month has its own quote (if it were my preference, these would be blank, but I know some people love their quotes!) and space to write out your focus.
But that’s not all!  At the end of every month, there are other helpful extras, including (1) a blank page (with fine grid markings – love), (2) a reflection/goal-setting worksheet, and (3) a project planning page with action items/different sized boxes.  I love this, and could imagine it being a great monthly review-type ritual.
grid paper 
goal setting goes so well with tea
versatile action-item layout!
Weekly/monthly pages:  I am very very picky about weekly layouts in particular.  For me, this is where the action happens in a planner – and if I don’t like the weekly layout, I probably won’t get good use out of the product.
Thankfully, the GTWB’s weekly pages are quite pleasing and functional.  SO pleasing and functional that I was moved to create my first fake planner page (ie “mockup” in the plannerphile world).  Here are some ideas on how I might functionally use the weekly pages:
 image will appear sharper if you click
 close up

The monthly pages are equally functional, with plenty of space.  The start is on Sunday.  
One thing I could use more of in this planner is lines!  I tend to be really obsessive about keeping my lettering straight and I struggle without lines or a light grid πŸ™‚  So I think if I had any suggestions for future iterations of this planner, it would be “more lines, please!”.  But I recognize that is personal preference.
Paper:  The GTWB paper is not thick, but it is smooth and takes my pens nicely – no real feathering. There is slight ghosting (very slight) of my Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica 0.4.  The Staedtler fineliners look great on its pages.  There is no tendency to smudge (WHEW).
Overall impression:  This planner is for someone who:
– doesn’t mind an overall larger planner
– wants goal-setting AND calendar-type pages in the same book
– cares deeply about a functional weekly layout (don’t we all!?!)
– wants a professional looking design
It runs for $55, which seems about right for the sturdiness/degree of features, and is available for purchase now in the 2019 model.
What do you think?  Any die-hard GTWB users out there?
Future notes:  I have at least 8 other planners lined up for weekly reviews, and yes – I am saturated with planners over here!  There will be some giveaways.  Stay tuned πŸ™‚