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Planner Review #3: Golden Coil

October 26, 2018

Golden Coil planners caught my eye last year, when they launched on Kickstarter.  GC is a planner company run by two sisters, Trisha and Michelle Zemp.  I started seeing their Instagram ads early on (effective targeting, huh) and was struck by the beautiful colors and clean lines of these planners.

If there is one word to describe Golden Coil planners and notebooks, I think it is elegance.  These books are gorgeous and minimal and I love the overall aesthetic.  They look great in photos (okay, maybe not that dark one below . . . I’m trying!) and would be at home in a work meeting or a bedside table.  There are no extraneous graphics or overly embellished pages, which pleases the wannabe minimalist in me.
I can’t review one particular layout for GC because they are customizable!  I wouldn’t say the options are limitless, but they are varied and versatile.  You can create a weekly planner, a customized notebook, a daily planner, or a specialized planner (wedding, goals/projects, etc).  You select start + end dates, can integrate your own special events/dates into the planner itself (even uploading directly from google calendar / apple calendar app!), and get control over the types of pages and thickness of the planner!  The site is fairly user friendly and the company is very responsive to questions on Instagram, from what I can tell.
Trisha and Michelle allowed me to customize one to share with readers + BoBW listeners (PLANNER EPISODE RELEASE DATE: 11/6!).  Saturated with regular ol’ planners, I decided — in a fit of optimism that I will cook more next year — to create a meal planner / recipe book!
These planners are 7.25″ x 9.25″.  The cover is sturdy and linen-textured, and the coils feel quite durable.  They are — as one might expect — gold, which adds a luxurious touch.  There are a number of pretty and modern patterned covers available, but my favorites are the linen-textured ones.
I chose a cranberry linen cover.  This pic does not do justice to its look, but it does perhaps capture that cozy morning meal planning feeling 🙂
avec coffee
true action shot
The paper is very white, thick and luxurious with a somewhat cottony/fibrous texture. I like it.  Smear potential = low.  This took my fine-tipped Hi Tec C Maica 0.4 quite nicely.  Here you can see a week of meal planning with accompanying grocery list.
Admittedly, I was sad to rip this out for our weekly shopping trip (which our nanny thankfully does with G during the day, usually on Monday).  I didn’t want to make her drag the entire notebook around, though!
Meal planning closeup:
Also in full disclosure I do not typically do any kind of planning for non-dinner meals, but figured I’d attempt it one week since the space was there!
I included a recipe section to add current family favorites, in hopes that I can collect many of our repeated recipes in one easy to reference spot.
The planner comes with several pretty gold page markers to match the gold(en) coil.  I’m overusing the word elegant, but . . .they are!
I swear my fingers don’t look that fat IRL
Finally, the back of this planner includes a folder for odds n’ ends — always a useful planner feature.
So, do I recommend Golden Coil?
Definitely YES, particularly if:
– you want something more minimal/elegant
– you want customization and can find a layout in their options that works for you
– you are designing a specialty notebook (would make a fantastic conference notebook or study notebook!)
– you prioritize clean design and luxurious touches
Golden Coil planners are $65 though occasionally I’ve seen discounts offered through Instagram.  I definitely recommend checking them out as a contender for next year, if the above criteria fit your needs!
1) on call this weekend
2) missing the babe below a lot while at work
3) 20 pumping/work days left! (although I will admit when my coworker yesterday suggested that there is probably no negative side to just quitting now . . . I was tempted)
4) blog has been migrated mostly to WordPress and thus far reports are positive!  All 2800+ posts (!!!!!  OMG I am more horrified than proud at this total)
5) there is another major happening that I am preoccupied with (definitely not another baby, don’t worry) that I will elaborate on next week

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