strategy of the (very) clean slate

November 15, 2018

I love a good clean slate.  New years, new surroundings, or even a new notebook tends to really drive me to a more intentional frame of mind.  I suppose it makes sense:  take away the ability to go into auto-pilot mode, and all of the sudden you are forced to question your previously ingrained habits.

What was working?  What wasn’t?


1) What am I doing with my bag/mail/keys when I get home?
2) Is my morning routine serving me in the best way possible?
3) Are my eating habits providing the right balance of energy/nutrition/pleasure?
4) Are there previous time-wasting behaviors that now seem superfluous?

I am delving into all this, of course, because we are in major Clean Slate mode right now, and I am recognizing that 2019 is going to be an incredibly transitional year for us.

New home x 2 (our current setup at Josh’s parents, and hopefully our eventual new home!)
New job for Josh (with new routines/time frame/etc)
New schools, and 2 kids in elementary school
New camps & activities for the kids
New community to learn to navigate (OMG thank god for google maps)
(probably) New additional job responsibilities for me / some schedule restructuring
Newly verbal/walking child (b/c kids change so much in that 12-24 month time period!)


It’s really a lot.  But instead of succumbing to the overwhelm of it all (admittedly, this seems to be happening, intermittently) I am trying to embrace the opportunity embedded in all of this (generally positive!) change.  I can question things that weren’t working before and create a new version of the things that were.  For example, I am writing this in my new morning ‘studio’ (room between our room and the kids’ rooms, which is also conveniently the new home to my weights/mat for AM workouts!) — and it works.

Oh!  And speaking of clean slate – the blog makeover is fully underway and this will be another new thing (for me), hopefully by early December!


experimenting with a new section

Grateful for:
my in-laws generously offering up their space for us, and the kids thus far adjusting exceptionally well to the abrupt transition (however, I do wonder if this will change as the novelty wears off and they realize this is real . . .)

How to Break Up with your Phone


A&G in matching pajamas (taken at our ‘old’ house) but I wanted to save this pic for posterity
going on C’s field trip yesterday to the Pelican Rescue!
A on an evening walk yesterday with ‘our new dog’ (ie Luna, Josh’s parents’ golden/lab mix aka Goldador)