first weekend out of the house

November 19, 2018


We survived the first weekend out of our home.  I am incredibly grateful to Josh’s parents, who have allowed us to completely disrupt their (relatively) peaceful lives.  But I will also admit it is an adjustment on our end.  Josh spent much of the weekend trying to clear out non-stageworthy belongings from our house, and I spent mine chasing the kids around, trying to prevent them from being too loud / too destructive / too crazy.  I was . . . not that successful.

I think we need to either plan on spending most days out and about — thankfully we are in a good weather season here and this is possible, but it’s a bit of a challenge working around G’s nap.

Let’s just hope our house sells.

out & about at the playground
Wish lists: written by A
(this one is for Cameron.  Sorry, no “miny sidewalk car” for you, C.)
Annabel wants roller skates, pencils, a map shirt of the world, and . . . a remote control bug set?
Scenes from the kids’ are of the Miami Book Fair.  As usual, we didn’t really get a chance to do any adult book browsing, but the kids had fun.

Things I am thankful for on this Monday morning:

1) It’s a 2-day work week (!)

2) G slept all night last night

3) I only have SIX days left to pump at work!

4) Laura sent me an advance copy of her new book (coming out in March!), Juliet’s School of Possibilities – which I can probably read in those 6 pumping days)

5) That my West Coast friends/family are safe from the fires (though the air quality issues sound incredibly stressful).  To those affected by this horrific disaster — I am so sorry you are dealing with it, and hope it ends very very soon.  COME ON RAIN.


  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    I can’t believe how quickly this move has happened! 🙂 We’re in talks with a realtor friend about a house in another neighborhood (in which 75% of our friends live) and I really want to move there, but we’re hesitant because we like our current neighborhood and G’s school, but don’t love our house and feel like to really love it we’ll have to spend tons of money to update it eventually (or change the layout … ). I like the kids wish lists – G wrote his and it includes about $1000 worth of Harry Potter lego sets – keep dreaming kid!!

  • Reply jjiraffe March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Advice: sell your home before you buy another one. There is some softening in real estate right now. I”m sure you are already doing this. 🙂 We”ve finally fled our terrible air in Northern California. Horrible!

  • Reply Beth C March 10, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    I also want a remote control bug set. The possibilities are endless!

    On a serious note, 6 more pumping days!!!!!!!! Hooray!!

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