first weekend out of the house

November 19, 2018


We survived the first weekend out of our home.  I am incredibly grateful to Josh’s parents, who have allowed us to completely disrupt their (relatively) peaceful lives.  But I will also admit it is an adjustment on our end.  Josh spent much of the weekend trying to clear out non-stageworthy belongings from our house, and I spent mine chasing the kids around, trying to prevent them from being too loud / too destructive / too crazy.  I was . . . not that successful.

I think we need to either plan on spending most days out and about — thankfully we are in a good weather season here and this is possible, but it’s a bit of a challenge working around G’s nap.

Let’s just hope our house sells.

out & about at the playground
Wish lists: written by A
(this one is for Cameron.  Sorry, no “miny sidewalk car” for you, C.)
Annabel wants roller skates, pencils, a map shirt of the world, and . . . a remote control bug set?
Scenes from the kids’ are of the Miami Book Fair.  As usual, we didn’t really get a chance to do any adult book browsing, but the kids had fun.

Things I am thankful for on this Monday morning:

1) It’s a 2-day work week (!)

2) G slept all night last night

3) I only have SIX days left to pump at work!

4) Laura sent me an advance copy of her new book (coming out in March!), Juliet’s School of Possibilities – which I can probably read in those 6 pumping days)

5) That my West Coast friends/family are safe from the fires (though the air quality issues sound incredibly stressful).  To those affected by this horrific disaster — I am so sorry you are dealing with it, and hope it ends very very soon.  COME ON RAIN.

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