Genevieve is ONE!

December 11, 2018
A mere 365 days after her arrival (and 367 after her due date ūüôā ) — and here we are. ¬†It doesn’t seem like a very long period of time when I think about it, but a lot has certainly happened in the past 12 months.
Most importantly, Genevieve has gone from a soft and tiny lump of sweetness to . . . well, this!
Happy birthday, G!!!! ¬†You are an incredibly sweet, gorgeous, addictive, charismatic, and (I’m probably biased here, but . . . ) brilliant baby. ¬†You bring smiles to all of our faces. ¬†You are the delicious strawberry icing on our family cake – the best bonus I can possibly think of. ¬†You make our family feel complete. ¬†I am so glad you are here with us, Genevieve.


We celebrated over the weekend with a party (held at Josh’s parents!), attended by family and friends. ¬†It was a lovely and meaningful event as it may be our last held here, and nearly all of our favorite locals were in attendance.


Poor C was not in the only family picture below – but here is proof that he was there (and looking very cute!)
80% of our family!!!
pink frothy deliciousness
Sleeping: ¬†Mostly all night! ¬†She goes to bed at 7 most nights and is up between 5 and 6. ¬†Sometimes she makes some noise in the middle of the night, but it doesn’t last long and she goes back to sleep without intervention. ¬†She’ll usually play in her crib until 6. ¬†We did do some mild sleep training for a few nights (honestly mostly just being too tired to get up and letting her go a little longer and self-soothe, and I guess it paid off).
Eating: ¬†Everything, though I’d say she’s the least voracious infant of the 3 so far and a little bit pickier. ¬†We have started some cow’s milk in the past 2 weeks and she tolerates it at times but isn’t a huge fan (the other 2 dove right in).
Favorites:  cheese, plain yogurt, berries, raisin bread
Size: ¬†No official stats yet! ¬†But I think she has maintained her >75% status. ¬†She was 21 lb at 9 months. ¬†I’m going to guess 23-24 lbs – we’ll find out for sure at her PCP visit next week. ¬†She is in 12-18 month clothing and size 4 shoes. ¬†Size 4 diapers (I always find size 4 diapers are worn for an entire year for my kids!).
Motor: ¬†She crawls like a champion and pulls to stand and cruises. ¬†She’ll balance occasionally for a second or two but has not shown much interest in walking (even when you hold her hands). ¬†I’m in NO HURRY!!!
Mama (YAY)
“Na Na Na” (I think this is her version of No)
Doggie (also: Dog)
This (her first word)
Allda (occasionally used for “All Done”) or “Da” (Done)
Cheese (I think)
Toys/play: ¬†Her favorites include the play kitchen (she’ll stand next to that thing for quite a while!), trying to draw with crayons or colored pencils (seriously – she stands up at A&C’s table, holds one in her hand — usually right — and tries to draw, emulating them. ¬†It’s the cutest thing).
I owe you all 3 more planner reviews, but I think I’ll take the rest of this week to write more about life 1 year into being a family of 5. ¬†A post-baby series, if you will. ¬†Future installments:
– Me (and Josh), one year out
– Day in the Life
– The 3rd Kid — what is different?
For the record:
C’s 1 year post (sadly done 3 days late – it sounds as if it were a rough week!)


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