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December 7, 2018

Thank you for all of your thoughts on my move-related posts!  Many of you pointed out that moving mid-year can actually be easier on kids, which is really interesting to me.  We are thinking about just going for it, and Josh has been spending time looking at (rental) homes this week.  He is also feeling like it will be easier to take care of this while he’s off — and those days are dwindling rapidly, as I knew they would.

I am a satisficer, so one might think finding a suitable living space would be fairly easy, but man — in the rental market, there just isn’t a lot of inventory*.

Our wish list:
1) 4+ bedrooms (really, 4 plus an office-type space would be ideal) so each kid can have their own room.  Small is fine!
2) 3 ‘kid bedrooms’ in a cluster, ideally down a hallway from the master
3) Kitchen that isn’t totally gross (doesn’t have to be amazing).  Ideally: gas range.
4) Wood floors to the extent possible
5) Not on a main throughway
6) Good public school district
7) Not next to a gigantic power line
8) Neighborhood that feels safe (ie would I feel comfortable running outside when it’s still dark?)

Whew.  It doesn’t sound like a terribly stringent list of demands, but in the rental market there are not a ton of candidates!

✅ I really liked this post on How to Enjoy Life.

✅ Cal Newport’s book on Digital Minimalism will be released next month.   His last book Deep Work resonated with me, so I am definitely interested in what he has to say.

✅ All Songs Considered dropped their 2018 Year In Music podcast this week, and it surpassed all of my expectations!  Many of my favorite artists were featured, and I made some new discoveries, too.  I always love all of the ‘best of 2018’ lists, particularly in music.

✅ Random, but I think I might train for a 5K!  I need some structure in my running/exercise life.  I’d love to get back into the 24 minute range for a 5K race, and I think it would be doable without a ton of time spent training . . .

Anyone have a training plan they have been loving recently?

✅ I have 3 more planner reviews to share – hopefully 2 next week and 1 the week after.  I am working on prepping my own system for 2019 and will get some posts up on that as well.  Specific requests welcome!

✅ Josh has been tracking his time (I have only nagged him for a year to try this 🙂 ).  I am excited to see what he learns.

* I’m sure that’s one reason why most people don’t choose to rent!  In addition: our reasons for renting reflect what we learned from this calculator and uncertainty about a) the market and b) where we’ll want to live long term (particularly because we have not ‘tried out’ the schools yet).

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