life updates

December 5, 2018

1) I’ve been looking forward to today on the calendar for a long time!  It’s my first day off with childcare PP (post-pump, obviously), and Josh and I will be getting massages (for his upcoming birthday – it’s our tradition!) and having a nice lunch that will not be punctuated by paranoia about me missing a pumping/nursing session.

We are going to do some planning together about what next year will look like.

PS: Not pumping at work is so incredibly marvelous I don’t even know what to say.  I am so happy to have this time and mental space back!

2) G is making some progress — as I type this, it’s 5:34 AM and she went to bed at 7.  She’s making a few little sounds that started around ~5:10, but is not upset (I currently hear soft little na na ma mas on the monitor . . . .).  I am fervently hoping we can get to a place where she will reliably stay in her crib 7 PM – 6 AM.

She has been on one daily nap for some time now, a transition of her own choosing (she just wouldn’t take a 2nd nap essentially until bedtime, so we had to cut it early!).

3) New blog rollout is coming before the new year!  I love the new look (I’ve seen previews) and am excited to finally learn how to use wordpress.  I need to work on updating my ‘page’ contents which are in some cases from something like 2010.  Oops.

4) Need a podcast rec?  Listen to the December 3 episode of Julie Morganstern’s Time To Parent (on any podcast app, or here).  I find her voice somehow soothing and I really liked the framework she put forth in this episode, which was a (clearly well-prepared) speech given to a parenting group.

5) We are trying to make a decision about what to do about the next 6 months.  Our kids are LOUD and acting out a bit and we are somewhat concerned that staying where we are might be stressful to our hosts (though they are vehemently denying it, and are incredibly lovely hosts).  Options include:

– renting a nearby condo/house/apt until the rest of the school year is over
upside: not worrying about switching schools
downsides: having to move twice

– doing our move earlier (into a rental) and taking kids out of school mid-year.  (This would have to be done very quickly).
upside: move would be done!
downside: SCHOOLS.  A is in 1st grade and C in pre-K.  This feels unnecessarily disruptive.

– moving back into our now-staged home (PS if anyone knows anyone looking in Miami Beach, I will happily email the listing!).  Am not sure what our realtor would think about this.
upside: relatively easy, economical, and no school issues.
downside: it’s unlikely we could keep things as pristine as they are now.  However, for tours, it would be easy to just clear out and come to where we are now.

– staying here and hoping kids just CHILLLLL eventually – it has been about 4 weeks, but maybe they still need to settle in more?  Though I will admit I am somewhat terrified for Josh’s return to work because controlling them in this space during the hour of 6 pm (when I get home) and bedtime has been incredibly challenging even when there are 2 of us.

The idea of doing our ‘real’ move now (note: we are planning to rent, at least for the foreseeable future, not buy) is tempting psychologically, but breaking up the school year also feels wrong (and both kids love their teachers).   It also breaks my heart to think about C not graduating from the preschool both kids have attended since 2013.

Much to mull over today.

6:02 AM and all is now quiet again – once she’s up I will congratulate her on an acceptable wakeup time, feed her, and take her for a stroller run.  Progress!

sleeping like a . . .