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Planner Review #7: Commit30

December 3, 2018

And it’s Monday!
And December!

This past weekend was full but exhausting, as many are lately.  G is just . . . everywhere, and the full time job of following her around to make sure she stays safe is draining, and it makes it hard to focus on much else.  We are about to embark on some sleep training though (it does not make sense to be feeding her overnight at this point), so maybe that will help my overall mojo.  We had some really nice times, but to be real here: it sometimes just feels like survival mode.

taking C & G to Frost Science (gotta make the most of the local attractions before our move!)
date night to see A Star Is Born (singing: A+; acting: A; movie: B+)
family Hanukkah celebration last night (Mayim Bialik’s latkes = A+)

I have a lot to look forward to this week: NOT pumping (!), a day date with massage for Josh’s bday (annual tradition), and celebrating G’s first birthday (2 days before the actual day, but still!).  I also would like to share 2 planner reviews — I got ‘behind’, but I have a total of 10 and we are getting dangerously close to 2019!

So, without further ado, here’s the Commit30!

Like several of the other boutique planners reviewed here, I discovered Commit30 on Instagram (thank you, targeted ads).  I was struck by the unique aesthetic and the very goal/habit-oriented layouts.  Their premise is that you can dedicate each month to a habit of your choice, and that you will be motivated by checking off daily circles in your planner.

I’m not going to suggest that this planner will magically steer you towards your goals.  But it does have a very motivating feel!  I decided to try the compact model, and since I have 93873 planners currently I decided to make a mock-up in this one.  I think it would be a perfect health/fitness/training planner, though there is also an undated format with a dedicated fitness layout!  Either would work, though, and in some ways this style might be more flexible.

Cover:  This planner is not ring-bound – something I know many of you prefer!  The cover has a leatherlike feel, and is soft and flexible.  The overall effect is definitely pleasing, though I’m partial to a plainer design.


The paper is pretty standard – fairly toothy (not a lot of smear) and medium-weight.  My 0.4mm gel pen worked very well with this paper, without ghosting or bleed-through.
At the front of the planner, there is a vision board of sorts to help you come up with your monthly goals, followed by a 2019 goals page.
Then, the planner is divided by month.  Each month opens with a motivational quote:


Then, there are monthly goals pages (to stay your intentions):


. . . followed by the 30 day layout that is unique to this planner!  I definitely think this would be a fun way to work on a year of habits, whether it is daily writing, meditation, exercise, or 12 different things.


Monthly calendars are included.  If you wanted to use this as a traditional planner, you could (though probably one of the bigger sizes would be necessary if this were your main book!).


The weekly pages contain large boxes which can be customized however you like!  In the version below, I created a nutrition log up top, workout notes below, and other habits in the bottom ‘notes’ portion.  However, the boxes could be anything — similar to the ECLP, I think it’s a very functional layout.
Each month includes some blank pages (dot grid!) for more notes, list, or planning.


There’s a handy pocket in the back for papers, and a sheet of stickers!

Commit30 is for:
A workouts/health planner
Those who love to work on monthly goals and habits!
Anyone who likes the 3-boxes layout but maybe not the feminine aesthetic of the Erin Condren

Notably, there is also a daily planner now offered on the website that contains the goal setting layouts + 6 months of daily pages!  It is undated, so might be a nice motivational kick in the pants at another time throughout the year.

Have you used a Commit30? If so, what did you think?!  I have 4 more planners to share (yes, Hobonichi is one of them . . .), so likely watch for another review later this week!

Weekend pix

from Friday’s rock star day at school (no uniform)


so much of this


watching sting rays @ Frost with interest




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  • Reply Beth C March 10, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    I will stick to my electronic system of day to day planning but I am looking for a paper planner to help with long-term goals. So this might fit the bill! Although I also prefer a simpler aesthetic for the cover.

  • Reply KPROXY March 10, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    planner to help with long-term goals. So this might fit the bill! Although I also prefer a simpler aesthetic for the cover.

  • Reply Reshy March 10, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Thank you so much for your refreshing honesty. My little is almost the same age as G and it is SO NICE to have someone who willingly says, yeah this whole pumping thing is really hard. Also, he is super active and into everything and it is sometimes just exhausting and hard. I don’t have any advice for you, just commiseration, and telling you thanks for saying what I think many moms are feeling.

  • Reply rose March 10, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    I have no opinion about what YOU should do re moves and schools however as an observation: Children who move in the middle of a school year get to know children in their new area earlier and have more options for playmates during the summer. Children who move in the middle of a school year are clearly seen as NEW TO SCHOOL and often get more help in adjusting and meeting new friends. This is NOT advice, simply information parents often do not have when considering the timing of moving to new schools and areas.
    Very best wishes and I do think you will make the best choices for all the members of your family in your location at this time!

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