Weekend Mini-Report

December 17, 2018
Ack.  I owe you all 3 more planner reviews: Plum Paper, Amelia Lane, and (obvs) my Hobonichi!  I am determined to have them done by the end of this week, so expect a planner-heavy next few days.  As a teaser, here’s the table of contents for the little notebook that goes into the pocket of my Hobonichi Cousin:
Ready for 2019!
I was on call this past week (one more day, today!) and am proud to weathered it better than I have in the recent past.  This is probably 90% due to Genevieve mostly sleeping at night.  Sleep is very, very important.  I spent all day in my office yesterday (since I had childcare, being on call!) clearing the decks — filed notes, finished charts, Kon-Mari’d papers, organized calendars, etc.  My office is now a physical manifestation of Inbox Zero and it feels fantastic.
In other not-so-minor news, we have put a deposit on a rental home in Cooper City with a January move-in date.  I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to rush by at the speed of light . . . although I am greatly looking forward to our PHL trip as a little family-focused break in there!
Other than rounding in the hospital + organizing the $(*&@ out of everything, here was the weekend, in summary:


Annabel played Roger in her school drama show (101 Dalmations) – complete with 3-piece suit!
Floor hijinks
We watched this 1964 classic in prep for the sequel, which we may have to see in PHL!


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