5 Friday Thoughts (and some very pricey pants)

January 25, 2019

1- It has been a very busy work week, and I am about to head into a mostly-solo-parenting weekend (Josh is on call). This is my first one in quite some time, and I really want it to go well! My strategies are going to be sticking to ‘weekday’ hours to stay rested and fit workouts in early, and to seek out a lot of social interaction. I will report back.

2- The first pair of pants in The Great Work Pant Faceoff has arrived! They are Theory and they are eye-waveringly expensive. I was hoping to hate them. Unfortunately I do not. However, I will not make any decisions about keeping them until I have tried on all of the competition.

Theory Classic Skinny Pant, size 2, $$$$
They are cropped in the website’s picture but fit nicely as regular-length pants on 5’1″ me.
Stretchy, comfortable, appear professional. If they were 1/3 the price, they’d be an easy yes.

3- One more request for feedback on the font size — is it better now? I feel like it’s a lot more readable, but perhaps it needs to be even bigger? Please let me know — particularly if you are reading this on a non-phone screen!

4- I have been in a major reading rut. Last night I just gave up and watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 4, I am behind). Maybe 2019 will be the year of TV. I do miss books though. Not sure how I went from spending an hour/day reading to very little . . .

5- Notable posts as of late on a common theme: wealth and words, grocery budgets, and Laura’s Year of Living Frugally. On the non-frugal front (but fun to fantasize about!) I also loved reading Brittney’s ski vacation recap. Money – and the ways we spend it – really is a fascinating topic. Our grocery budget is . . . not low. I’m more focused on high quality food and avoiding food waste over other priorities, but I recognize that comes from a lucky place of having food not be a huge chunk of our budget. While Josh and I are definitely not FIRE people, we actually DO have an interest in streamlining our spending, extremely-pricey-pants aside. Maybe more so we can take lovely future family ski trips than retire early, but hey — that seems reasonable to me at this juncture.