Friday Grab Bag

January 18, 2019
  1. I’ve had a lot of momentum this week. I think it’s a combination of new year energy and the fresh start that comes with a move, but I’m finally tackling a lot of items that had been on my list for months. WHEW! On my day off, I caught with our budget (this took something like 4 hours, as I had not audited since September – never letting that happen again!). And this morning I finally finished and ordered our family calendar and informed everyone that at least they will be able to use it beginning in February.
Better late than never!

2. Still on the list of catchup non-urgent-but-important-to-me-items are:

  • Family Photobooks (2017, 2018)
  • Late New Years / We’ve Moved Card

3. On that note, I finally finished my Q1 Goals list (to be shared in a future post) and January Actions. My planner system is now fully functional, 18 days into the new year. I am loving being back in the Hobonichi Cousin. I don’t know if I’ll ever stray again.

I love having spacious daily, weekly, and monthly pages in my life!

4. I have NOT been reading much lately. After devouring the latest Liane Moriarty (love her), I started Murakami’s Killing Commendatore and while I like it, I tend to fall asleep while reading it. I may need to put it aside until I am more well-rested (ie for a vacation perhaps?). I have Tara Westover’s Educated from the library, so I may switch to that. I appreciated Ana’s 2018 best-of reading list!

Someone once asked if I planned my reading ahead of time (ie do I have a list for 2019) and the answer is no, other than throwing a bunch of titles onto my library reserve list from time to time. On that note, we actually need to register for our new library system. I will miss that uber-convenent mobile drop-off we enjoyed in Miami, but I’m sure the Broward system is good, too, and there is a branch fairly close.

5. If you’ve noticed your comment disappeared, please know I am not censoring all of the sudden! The blog is still mid-upgrade (bigger font coming soon, I promise!) and the comment system will be changed to Disqus, most likely. The current system throws comments into moderation quite often and I have to go in and manually release them. Which I have been somewhat slow about doing (apologies). That said, it seems like maybe once the system ‘knows’ you it doesn’t moderate? All will change soon, so I’m not going to stress it much. But know that I am not purposely ignoring or not showing comments!

6. Kids’ activities. I have been purposely slow to add these – there’s a lot of energy being expended by the kids in changing schools and environment. Back in Miami Beach they had something almost every day, but most of these activities were just “stay at school one extra hour” sorts of things, which are not really offered here. They are currently doing piano on Saturdays. I think I may add just one at a time and keep things simple . . .

7. Even though I’m still nursing 2x/day most days, my body is back to pre-baby size and I am in serious need of some new work clothes. I will admit to wearing black skinny jeans as my main work pants, which is a bit questionable in the professionalism department. I want to investigate the famous Theory pants (we have an outlet nearby!) but I am also curious – does anyone have a favorite work-appropriate pant that is also MACHINE WASHABLE? Because the annoyance and expense of dry cleaning is not really my favorite. Please let me know if so!

Okay, about to get my Beachbody on (new year/new house momentum is helping with workouts, too — I have been running or doing 30 minute BB workouts most days. Although I hear G right now (5:46). Go back to sleep, G . . .