My Planning Approach: Using the Hobonichi Cousin Daily Pages

January 23, 2019

Let me preface this post by making it very clear that there is absolutely no right way to use the Hobonichi planner (or any planner, for that matter!). Every person has their own needs when it comes to developing a planning system, and what is on your pages should reflect those needs. Furthermore, I believe that in order to encourage consistent use, your system should also bring you pleasure, or in other words — forgive me for this — it should spark joy.

Mine definitely does.

yesterday + today

Do I always fill the page? No.

Do I always get everything done that I set out to do? HELL no. I wish.

Do I think that everyone should track their workouts? time? nutrition? No. In fact, I’m a terrible time tracker, in particular. I’ve pretty much made peace with this and only aim to do it on occasion.

With all that said, I feel confident that my daily pages help me focus my efforts for each day and stick to the habits I want to prioritize. Plus: they are generally fun for me to write on. I enjoy throwing in a memory or comment or motivational phrase from time to time, or even trying some lettering.

I will include several examples — obviously, I had to steer clear of any page with personal data included, so some of my ‘busier’ layouts will not be published. Generally though, I include:

  • anywhere from 2-5 priorities at the top
  • a rough timeline along the left edge
  • a checklist of other to-do items on the top right
  • nutrition / workout / habit log bottom left (random note: I find that just jotting down what I eat in vague detail — no quantities, measurements, or specifics — helps me eat about 383574 times better and avoid mindless snacking. I have done this off and on for years)
  • notes, comments, etc on bottom right — this is my mini-journal of sorts. Sometimes it’s blank, and that’s okay too. In an ideal world I’d love to stick little mini sticky photos on there from time to time!
Here’s a random weekend day after we moved
a rare color-coded time bar that felt right for the day
a weekend, logged

I hope these examples are helpful to some of you! I will be including features of my 2019 System every week or two, so if there’s something planner-specific you’d like to see, let me know!

Now it’s Beachbody time . . . come on G, stay asleep!

PS: Is the font big enough yet? I think it’s much better – let me know!