It’s February, and I Feel Behind

February 1, 2019

First of all, I have to say that while I am having a busy call week, I am dealing with some heartbreaking cases in the hospital that are providing automatic MAJOR perspective.

At the start of call, 2/3 of my kids developed gastroenteritis (I believe the other one was the vector – thanks C). I got it too, though my version was more a fever/chills situation than a lot of GI stuff (thankful for that). But also THANK GOD that this is all I have to complain about because my patients’ families this week would give anything to have otherwise healthy children with some GI bug. Perspective. Sometimes it’s so in-your-face that you just can’t ignore it, and I am grateful for that today.

In the midst of what was going on, I had one of my favorite patients come in yesterday for a routine follow up, and while I obviously cannot share any specifics, she had a horrific life-threatening condition but underwent treatment at our hospital and St. Jude and is now one of the happiest preteens I’ve ever seen. Her long-term prognosis is still uncertain but she celebrates tiny victories and seems so pleased just to have the opportunity to be alive and participating in life every day.


My January to-do list did not get completed. It was a putting-out-fires kind of month, which is probably to be expected considering we MOVED less than a month ago (!).

Not a lot of checked-off boxes
(C’s bday party planning/invites are almost done though, lest anyone get concerned)

I currently feel generally somewhat overwhelmed (my systems, which are really good systems, are overflowing). I am in major need of a catchup day (mostly for work stuff — I have a record number of open charts and residency related emails that have piled up while the hospital service has been so busy this week). I’m on call this weekend, so there is hope of digging myself out then. On a related note, I also have to admit that I am noticing that my “80%” is creeping up to a higher number, which is something I have always been cautioned about (work ‘part time’ that actually full time, for part time pay). I don’t know. Many things to think about. Maybe I’ll have to submit an anonymous question to BoBW . . .

Here are some blog posts that I enjoyed this week. 

Laura’s Time Emergency Fund post — this is exactly why I do work 80% time. Admittedly, this is a very pricey Time Emergency Fund that takes away from our Actual Emergency Fund, but it has felt worth it.

Un-Fancy’s Underwear Drawer post – I will admit it makes me want to have a strategic and uniform set of underthings of my own instead of the current haphazard mess

Organizing Queen’s Ideal Weekend post – mostly because I like fantasizing about what weekends might be like when the kids are older (!) and I do see what she is saying about the right ‘mix’ of social + alone time. As a fellow E, I am definitely happiest when I spend more of my weekend time with people.

Kelsey’s January post. Kelsey and I have very different life situations right now (she left her full time job ~6m ago) but (I think) similar personalities and I just have this feeling that if we knew each other IRL we would be instant friends. Loved this glimpse into what life is like for her now that she is home and working on writing. (I will note however that my BoBW voice was telling her to hire some part-time childcare after listening to the last podcast episode about fitting in writing! You deserve it, Kelsey!).

Happy Friday to all. It will be a mostly working weekend for me, but I am going to lean into it and try to dedicate it to productive catchup.

See you all on the other side! Possibly with a pants review if I can get Josh to take some pix for me over the weekend.