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Best Laid Plans Episode #43: Simplified Daily Planner Review

May 17, 2021

Emily Ley is known for her beautifully designed planners, and the Simplified Daily is probably her most iconic product. In this episode, I share what I love and what I would change about this planner if I were in charge!

You can find detailed walk-throughs on her site, so I did not take pix of every portion of this planner. However, below is a mockup of how I would layout day in the Simplified vs the Full Focus (which I am currently using).

(This is actually based on today! Real life here!)

Full focus left, Simplified right. I LOVE those rainbow tabs!
Weekend page comparisons. I do NOT love those preprinted Sunday tasks!!!

Paper quality is excellent. I was really impressed with the lack of bleed-through and had zero issues with smudging (hooray)! I am excited to try this planner out ‘for real’ in August.

Have you ever used a Simplified planner? I feel like Emily Ley has a die-hard following. I definitely see the appeal.

This episode is sponsored by PrepDish – which I am currently using and loving. Check out for your first two weeks free!

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  • Reply Amanda Koehler May 17, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    I’ve recently been loving Emily Ley’s new podcast, Simplified. You’d probably like it Sarah!

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