Fun that was actually fun

November 26, 2021

Last night’s Thanksgiving fun was actually fun! For me, and not just the kids! It’s just so much easier to parent on home turf, even though the actual Thanksgiving event was ~40 min away in Miami Beach.

I believe the magic age where family events become enjoyable is around 4. Under 3, and it’s basically chasing your kid around and only having snippets of conversation when someone takes pity on you, unless there is an enterprising tween in the family that wants to practice babysitting.

Anyway, it was great. We were there from 4 pm until close to 10 pm and all 3 kids fell asleep in the car. ALSO, our weather in November is much better than NC. I like the idea of crisp weather much more than the actual weather itself. Again, reminding myself because I know I whine a lot about the lack of fall being frustrating here. For me, it’s worth it for nights like this one:

~70 degree perfection. Also, C is such a natural on stage. Yes, we had an entire family band setup . . .
Her teen cousins are amazingly patient and nice.
very 2021.
(This was a requirement for all attendees — we were happy to comply)
and the pies worked out. (not shown: freshly whipped cream)

Today’s plan:

Not go into any stores because I have all 3 kids and Black Friday shopping just doesn’t have any appeal in that context

Let kids have screen time I work out (Josh had to leave for the hosp at 7:30 and has multiple cases.)

Cookie decorating playdate

Outside time

“Fancy” dinner with family

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  • Reply Elisabeth November 26, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Your weather. Sigh. I’m here to tell you that as beautiful as fall can be…winter follows VERY quickly and is 100% overrated. I would give just about anything to be in shortsleeves right now. I guess every weather has its perks so enjoy yours while I go curl up in a corner to hibernate for the next 6 months…

    And yes. It absolutely only gets better in terms of family events as the kids age and you can actually have adult-to-adult conversations without constant bathroom breaks, mealtime incidents, and juggling nap and bedtime schedules. Looks like a great time and the pies look delicious.

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