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June 1, 2023

New Month = New Phone Background

Once again, I downloaded mine from The Everygirl.

lock screen

I chose another image (fresh papayas, no calendar) for my home screen. I find having seasonal images on my phone is so calming and a useful reminder of the passage of time.

June Goals

Here you go! Uncensored because nothing here seemed particularly unsharable.

Some notes of clarification:

Enjoy summer reading –> I will be finalizing my summer reading list and generally tend to read a bit differently in the summer. I tend to read more (probably because our weather is bad, plus there is more travel!) and often focus on lighter picks.

Focus on nutrition –> I feel like my eating habits have been really haphazard lately, and with my higher running volumes, I need to plan better. I feel like I am always desperately starving OR the opposite (having eaten a lot to quell my desperate feeling of starvation!). I am sure there is a happy medium to be found, and in my wildest dreams maybe it would help my migraine situation, too (I had a really bad one yesterday).

Family screen time habits –> Screen-free May is over. The kids are happy about that. I know they will still need boundaries around screen time though or we’ll just snap back to our old ways which were not serving us. This weekend we will (working with the kids) write down a summer screen time policy.

Digital Detox –> I create the content (and I have it in notes form) but have to then submit it to a designer so she can make the workbook pages pretty! I’m very excited to work with those who have signed up so far. Registration will close 6.15.23 so please keep that date in mind if you are still mulling things over!

End of School Happenings

3 more days of school after today — Friday / Monday / Tuesday! I’m feeling ready.

G’s dance recital is Saturday and I have received approximately 100 emails about it. I just hope I don’t mess anything up; I am not a seasoned dance mom.

C in new lacrosse gear (he is in a summer league that just started, and so far 1/1 games have been canceled due to lightning):

G’s class has had various snacks + activities all week which I grumbled about but I admit it has been a fun end of the year for their class!

End of year things I still need to do:

  • Last camp medical forms (@($*@&#)
  • Teacher gifts – we will do a Target run (gift cards for everyone!) this weekend
  • Annual (3rd in a row) Melting Pot end of school year celebration – on the calendar!


  • Reply Grateful Kae June 1, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    So, I am certainly not one to generally take nutrition advice from exactly, because I can very hot and cold there, too. But I’ve been working to be more mindful again this week, too. One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is what things I “need in place” to be successful with eating better.

    I’ve mulled this over some, and I’ve noticed there are a few small things that really help me. (Yours will be different, of course, so maybe you could think about what yours are.) But for me, a few are:

    1) having a big container of homemade salsa verde in the fridge. I don’t eat any normal salad dressings, but I LOVE salad with salsa verde on top. So if I have salsa, I’ll eat more salad. No salsa, no salad.

    2) Prepping a big container of salad greens that are literally ready to go for the week. I’m generally not one to do a ton of “meal prep”, but on Monday I prepped a big bowl of extra romaine with some arugula when I made salad for dinner, and then tossed in some chopped carrots and celery. I am eating some of it as I type this (so, 3 days later) and it has lasted perfectly well to Thursday afternoon. Something about being able to just open the big bowl, scoop some out, drop a couple Tbs of the salsa on and top with a protein (or not) feels way easier than having to open the bag of romaine, rinse, shred into pieces for my salad, etc. on my lunch break.

    3) Thinking ahead to what I’m going to eat in the day. I don’t mean tracking, but if I just spend a minute in the morning thinking, ok, today for lunch I’m doing tuna on that leftover salad and parmesan cheese. My snack is going to be some cashews, some blackberries and some rolled up deli turkey slices. Etc. (Or think about it/ plan it ahead for the whole week? I’ve never really fully tried that, but I like the idea of deciding on like one breakfast or one lunch for the whole week. I don’t think I’d mind the repetition and it would make it so easy.) Maybe you can build in 5-10 minutes of “nutrition planning” time to your weekly review on Fridays where you sketch out a rough plan of what you want your days to look like- in addition to your dinner meal plans. Or along with your workouts, plan your recovery meals in advance and put them in your planner. Or add a minute to your morning planning routine to sketch out meals and snacks for the day that will meet your refueling needs.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts, for whatever they’re worth, if anything. 🙂

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger June 1, 2023 at 3:54 pm

      yesss these are all good suggestions! And planning is necessary if I want to have healthy snacks on hand at work. Otherwise it’s just whatever I can find out of desperation . . .

  • Reply Elizabeth June 2, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Hi! I love this! You’re going to have a wonderful June, I just know it.

    One other thought—your goal of staying calm with a good attitude during call week is great, but outcome instead of process based…and usually those kinds of goals are harder to achieve because they’re kind of missing the middle portion which is what can you DO to make that happen? So for example:
    – have your nanny/Josh cover all meal planning and making for those days
    – Relatedly make sure you are eating regular, healthy meals
    – select a mantra in advance to tell yourself when you feel annoyance/stress/rage/whatever overtaking your calm (anything from “this too shall pass” to “my job is helping people. This is hard but important work.”)
    – find a way to adapt your training program to a lighter or more flexible one. Can you use a treadmill instead of running outside so that you can sleep in, and then run later in the day?
    – basically remove all other expectations from yourself during that time and lean into self care

    Good luck! You’ve got this!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger June 2, 2023 at 2:01 pm

      awww thank you Elizabeth!! Since school will be out after Tuesday (and no camp!) I actually probably WILL be more flexible in the mornings which will really help. All excellent suggestions. I never thought about a specific mantra but I love those.

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