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BLP Ep #191: Spring Reviews from Small Planner Brands

March 25, 2024

In today’s episode, I reviews 3 planners from small or still-emerging businesses! You may not be familiar with these brands but each has its own niche offering and I love the idea of supporting small and newer planner creators.

Reviewed in this episode:
1) The Halo Planner by Rebecca Brosnan, eventually will be at (shop not open yet, but I’ll let you know when it does open) – quarterly gridded planner with a ton of features and both daily + weekly layouts. (I see it as an awesome mashup of Wonderland 222 and Full Focus, personally!)

2) Biz Mom Planner by Tiffani – she describes her business as “woman, minority, and mama-owned”! These are small batch disc-bound planners, very open ended and undated, with thick luxurious-feeling paper. Big letter size is great for a fresh start, with lots of open space to write! She provided a code BLP20 which will give you 20% off (not a sponsor or affiliation, just a coupon code link she sent!).

3) Grow & Flourish Planner by Laura Millat, creator of The Girly Homesteader – she shares her own planner peace and her Grow & Flourish planner for gardeners + homesteaders!

I will be giving these away eventually so stay tuned for that. AND some additional mentions in this ep:
She Plans sample inserts

Field Notes

NOLTY and April-start Hobonichi planners are now available at Jetpens!

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