Best Laid Plans Academy

– the live interactive version!

BLPA’s January-March cohort is full! BLPA Spring 2023 will run from April – June, with signups in February. Join the waitlist below — I will make sure to share the signup info with those on the waitlist first!

BLPA Details:

Do you enjoy learning about the planning tactics and processes discussed on Best Laid Plans but want a more structured program to help you implement them in real life?

Do you want to learn how to keep your goals top of mind throughout the year?

Do you have a particular challenge (examples: letting go of social media, meeting health or financial goals, or building routines that serve you) that you’d like to receive support on in a judgment-free zone away from social media platforms?

If any of the above apply . . . Best Laid Plans Academy would be a wonderful way to help you move closer to Planner (and life) Peace!

What BLPA Offers:

  • 7 live sessions where I (SHU) will lead you through multiple horizons of planning and goal-setting, from thinking through annual and long-term goals to setting up daily routines. These will kick off in mid-January so you can capitalize on that Quintile 1 energy, and end before April 1. Recordings of these sessions will also be available for those who cannot make the time slots or for attendees who prefer an asynchronous experience.
  • Textbook and Workbook pages (provided as downloadable pdfs) to guide you through the material. You can go at your own pace, or follow along with the live lessons as the syllabus suggests.
  • Concise recorded videos to go along with each lesson, just in case textbooks aren’t your thing.
  • Additional worksheets for special topics like couples planning retreats, meal planning, travel planning, and more.
  • Private community to chat and share with other BLPA attendees. Access to the community never expires, so you can continue to use this space even once you have completed the course as long as BLPA is still being offered.