back to nature

August 9, 2004

after a decadent 9.5 hours of sleep and a hearty breakfast, josh and i went hiking. we were just outside of asheville visiting his aunt/uncle/cousins who are vacationing there. our jaunt wasn’t that strenuous of a hike (about 5 miles), but my shins are aching now, thanks to the eccentric contractions of the downhill climbing. i think. or maybe i’m just a wimp.

on our hike, we saw cows. this wouldn’t have bothered me so much, since i know that they’re docile creatures by nature, but josh kept saying things like: “so our plan, if we see a bull, is to jump that fence over there if he tries to maul us.” i wondered why a bull (an herbivore, right?) would have any interest in our rather tough and seemingly unappetizing carcasses, but this didn’t stop me from being freaked out by the idea.

somehow, we managed to make it out of that pasture alive.

we drove home without incident. now, all i want to do is lounge on the couch and watch trash on tv. what i should be doing: studying the powerpoint presentations that were given over the course of the 8-week peds clerkship, because our “in-house exam” is coming up.

i believe i will just have to start on that tomorrow.

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