bed envy

August 15, 2004

a little twisted.

more than once, while i was on my surgery rotation, i envied the patients in their snug little hospital beds. yes, they were in pain. yes, we were waking them up at 5:00 am to poke, prod, and unforgivingly peel back dressings covering various wounds, sometimes infected and covered in pus. but unlike me, the patients were allowed to just lie there whereas i had been up for hours, being forced against my will to run around the hospital playing tag-along/peon to a bunch of people i didn’t like very much and who for the most part scared me to death.

i realize this was not a nice attitude. i wish i had never had those thoughts. now that i’ve had the recent experience of being sick for a full week (even though i’m nowhere near as sick as the people lying in those once-coveted beds), i would never volunteer for the position ever again.

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