August 1, 2004

what a fabulous day. really. not only did i get about 10 hours of sleep (the ideal amount), but i really didn’t do anything today that wasn’t hedonistic. the closest thing to “work” today was the 2 loads of laundry that i did, but that hardly counts because i actually like to do laundry. the ease of putting things into 2 machines and having them come out all warm and clean . . . ahhhhhh. plus, the machines are in my own house. i remember the days of having to walk in the snow (uphill, wearing nothing but a burlap sack and boots made out of garbage bags) to get to the laundry machines, and then having to put $.50 (or was it a dollar?) per load to get them marginally clean. i say “marginally” because college kids are disgusting, and who knows what went into that washer before my stuff did? and the absolute worst was when you didn’t get there fast enough to put your own clothes in the dryer, and they were just piled in a sweaty heap on top of the washer or on the dirty counters, or (god forbid) on the floor.


so after a nice run at the hospital gym (hedonistic because i went really slow and read my new Vogue the whole time), i lounged around the house reading the newspaper and watching some trashy tv. finally, josh got home around 3. he spent his day doing scut from 7 am – 3 pm, while i had my day of hedonism. this might sound unfair, but let’s think back to september and october. who was doing the scut then? yeah, that was me. scut-o-licious.

we went out to see before sunset, continuing the hedonism trend. ethan hawke was great, very true to his original character, though i think he looked like he had been shooting up a lot of heroin in the past 9 years. i loved julie delpy’s accent, and i thought she did a good job singing a lot of the songs on the soundtrack. the movie itself was interesting. i wish there were more movies that centered around such simple events and conversations. somehow i am less apt to sleep though this than through loud car chases, gunshots, and/or angry fighting aliens. go figure.

i was going to write about the ending, but i don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone. so i won’t say any more. not that it would really ruin the movie, but you know. ok. no more.

new subject.

actually, i have not much more to say, except that who knew vegan food would be so filling? i just ate some pomegranate and tempeh stew with basmati rice at this little vegetarian place called sage. it was good, but man! i feel like morgan spurlock in super size me. well, almost.


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