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August 26, 2004

knitting fanatics, teenaged asian girls, and computer geeks.

the above are seemingly unrelated and random slices of the world’s population, but they do have one thing in common: they really, really like their blogs.

today i discovered that you can scroll through random blogs (perhaps the most recently updated?) using the new toolbar at the top of the screen on any blogspot blog. at least, i think it’s new; i’ve only had a blog for a month and i don’t think it was there before, but i’m not the most observant. so maybe it was always there. anyway:

it was sort of enlightening. some of the blogs are in other languages, and those weren’t so exciting to me, because i’m a pathetic monolingual (or is it “unilingual”?) american and i can’t understand them. but mostly, rather than actually reading the blogs, it was interesting to scan them and see what kinds of people are doing this.

the asian teens (and other teens, but especially the asian ones from places like taiwan and korea) post lots of pictures of themselves and their friends and their blogs tend to be very advanced in terms of graphics/design, but without much in the way of content. i noticed that some of them like to write using very . . . unconventional spelling, like:

“i onli noticed him bc he seemed like he wuz staring at me . . . we hit the clubz l8tr & it wuz alllll rit”

i know most of these girls are not writing in their first language, but i’m pretty sure that these misspellings represent a stylistic decision rather than phonetic error. i’m not knocking it. i’m just saying. i’m actually pretty impressed. obviously, their english is infinitely better than my taiwanese, and they are worlds ahead of me in web design (it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to add links to my pre-fab blogger template).

the knitters . . . well, i’m a bit surprised that people who are doing something as old-fashioned as knitting also feel the need to take pictures of their knitware with digital cameras and post them on the web. i have to say, i saw some pretty nasty-looking knitted stuff on this evening’s blog tour. just because you made it doesn’t mean you should wear it, you know. i’m sounding horrendously mean, but see, i think there are articles which are meant to be knitted (sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, etc) and items which really shouldn’t be (skirts, tableclothes, dresses, pants, a dog bed). once again, i shouldn’t be so critical, because i can knit about as well as i can speak taiwanese. but my point stands.

finally, the techie-computer-themed blogs. i really, really have no idea what these are about, but i’m sure that there is a circle of computer people who like to read them and enjoy conversing in semi-computer-code about computer stuff. as soon as i see the words “JPEG” “UNIX” or even “server”, it’s over, i’m clicking “next blog”, so i have nothing much more to say about these.

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yes, i spent my evening looking at random people’s blogs. so what. after last night’s nerd bash, i need the downtime. today i went to class, went to the gym, and did little else. and now i have to go, because sex in the city is on tbs and it looks like a good one.

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