cerebral static

August 20, 2004

i wasn’t totally hung over this morning, but i didn’t feel bright ‘n’ shiny, either. fortunately, there wasn’t much to do today that required a lot of mental energy.

things i accomplished today, even though i felt like my brain was covered in a thick layer of fuzz:

1. got out of bed before noon (10:45 am, to be specific)

2. drove to mike’s house to pick up josh’s stranded car

3. bought shower curtain

4. did several loads of laundry in preparation for mad bitch gathering tomorrow

5. bought 2nd shower curtain because first didn’t fit, even though i measured.

6. registrered for graduate school classes (2 required pharm classes and a genetics class)

7. cleaned bathroom

and now it’s 10:30, and i’m tired again, even though i got up less than 12 hours ago. sad.

josh and i went out to dinner with his “little sib” tonight. we gave him a lot of advice (maybe too much!) about the clerkship year he is about to start. it was interesting, because even though i spent 13 months as a medical student in the trenches, i’m not sure what to tell people. i want to somehow give advice that would enable a person to go through the year feeling happy and balanced, but there are certain things about the year that suck, and there’s nothing i could tell a person that would change that. i think that the key is to do your own thing, focus on learning, and most importantly not let other people’s expectations/snide comments/generally annoying personalities get you down.

but this (for me, anyway) is much easier said than done.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

can i just say how exciting it is that 5 of my favorite people are descending into durham tomorrow? it’s kind of funny that they are all coming here to durham, because we used to always fantasize about our first reunion taking place somewhere exotic and/or fabulous, such as puerta vallerta or an italian villa. personally, i imagined us frolicking on our own private beach somewhere, wearing the latest resort fashions from celine and louis vuitton while native boys mixed us drinks. we all figured that by 2004 or so, at least one of use would have struck it so frightfully rich that they would be able to afford such luxury, and the rest of us could just mooch. this has not happened (unless someone’s holding out on all of us). at least we’re not meeting up in lumberton.

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