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August 2, 2004

so now i’m in fayetteville. because i couldn’t resist a historical tour of the fabulous military town on the way back to lumberton? right. no, because josh is staying there for his ob/gyn rotation and we drove here together. fortunately, lumberton is only 30 minutes away (that is, unless i get lost). i have to say that so far fayetteville is beating lumberton. reasons why:

1. we saw a rainbow when we got here! it was pretty.

2. while the options to eat in both places basically consist of fast food and scary chinese buffet restaurants, there are many more Subways in fayetteville than there were in lumberton. since this is the fast food restaurant at which i am most likely to eat, points go to fayetteville for Subway availability.

3. they have Military Bowling in fayetteville, but not in lumberton (i don’t think, anyway)

4. they have Bingo in fayetteville

5. fayetteville has an independent movie theater

6. fayetteville is a much nicer name than “lumberton.” named for lafayette, of course. don’t ask me what he is famous for, though. i slept through history class.

7. fayetteville is closer to durham

i’m trying to think of some reasons that lumberton is better, but the only thing i can come up with is that my AHEC house has more cable channels than the fayetteville house does. and that’s just pathetic.

i slept in only until about 9 am this morning. see how disciplined i am! ok, not really. i managed to drag myself to the gym again, and finished some more laundry. not that anyone wants to read about that. josh and i got together with some culinarily-talented friends and we made some exceptional french toast. that was definitely the highlight of the day, other than discovering fayetteville, of course.

also, i am very excited because i just found out that i get to be a bridesmaid in josh’s sister’s wedding. this makes me happy.

too bad i have to go back to work tomorrow. i sense that the mood of subsequent entries is likely to change . . . stay tuned.


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