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August 13, 2004

i could drone on like a broken record about how i’m still feverish, still feeling bad, and still missing work, but i’m sure that my pity-party routine is getting old, so i’ll spare the details. obviously, i have no medically-related stories to tell, since i haven’t been doing anything medical (from the caregiver end) since last friday.

therefore, i will move onto a more pleasant topic: shoes.

i was reading something today which suggested that “you should try to name all of the shoes in your collection, and then only keep the pairs that you can remember.” this is supposedly an idea that will help cull your collection to a more manageable size, since obviously if you don’t remember a pair of shoes, you’re probably not going to wear them that often.

so, i decided to think of all of the shoes in my current collection. it was quite a fun trip down memory lane, i must say. i will share a bit of each pair’s history. feel free to not read it, it may be very boring. but it was a lot of fun to write.

in no particular order . . .

1. suede tan urban outfitters shoes, bought in montreal.

2. red kangaroo sneakers, bought in some european country (maybe the netherlands?) because i had only brought impractical shoes and had feet covered in blisters from walking so much (how dumb could i be?)

3. orange saucony sneakers (bought at lee outlets on mad bitch shopping spree)

4/5/6. running shoes (all new balance, one currently in use, plus 2 older pairs kept for muddy hiking or whatever)

7. black boots which i have worn to the point where josh felt sorry for them and took them to the shoe-fixer-place (cobbler? is that word still in use?) to get them repaired. i bought them on spring street freshman year because i had nothing to wear to my first ephlats concert. i definitely got my money’s worth from that purchase.

8. stupid ugly black dansko shoes (not clogs) which i wore a lot this yr and which i will probably never wear again, because really they offend me.

9. hiking boots, which i bought before college. i was planning to wear these when it got snowy, but never did (wore #7 instead).

10. (yet to arrive) the beautiful pink sandals i posted a picture of on tuesday

11. wooden red strappy sandals, bought from j. crew and then replaced by j. crew when the strap on one of them came off 6 months later. i recall staining the first pair with tye-dye at the chem/bio picnic in the science quad, but that’s not why i returned them.

12. tan straw-type wooden-looking sandles from target. i got in a fight with my sister over these, because we both wanted them and there was only one pair in a 6. i finally convinced her that her feet looked better in the 6 1/2, but then she decided not to buy them after all.

13. multicolored jcrew wedge sandals that have stretched and don’t fit very well anymore.

14. white moon boots from the 1999 esprit catalog. these rule.

15. black “professional” looking shoes that got me through all of my medical school interviews. i got these at the 9 west outlet in lee, MA

16. red shoes that kind of look like black ones, but less professional because they are red. from aldo.

17. red python steve madden flip flops that i wear a lot.

18. turquoise high-heeled sandals. i bought these this year at the hospital auxillary sale! i was having a bad day for some reason (i forget why), but these totally turned it around.

19. red open-toed spectator pumps. 9 west outlet in lee again! that place was high-yield.

20. these really-impossible-to-walk-in tan 4″ sandals. i have a high tolerance for wearing shoes that hurt (if they’re cute enough), but these cross the line into self-torture.

21. donald pliner black 4″-heeled strappy shoes with silver strip in front. my only pair of designer shoes; bought for $50 on clearance at soho in raleigh.

22. another pair of black strappy shoes. i don’t like these that much, and i don’t even know why i bought them. they are rather redundant.

23. silver (sort of grayish) black-healed casual sandals. pretty old.

24. enzo angiolini mid-heeled open toe mules. that 9 west outlet in lee again! no wonder i never had any money in college.

25. my mom’s old tan leather platform sandals. proof that she had style once.

26. white bebe high heeled sandals (3.5″ heel) from zappos.com (my new favorite online shoe resource). josh thinks the toes on these are too pointy, but i like them anyway.

27. clear and white esprit flipflops. thank you azusa!

28. old black doc martens with steel toes, circa high school. i suppose that makes them the oldest pair in my closet! i remember i bought them at nordstrom and they were $103, which was really a lot to me back then. not that it isn’t now.

29. brown steve madden snakeskin loafers that i wear to work a lot, and which are comfortable and cuter than the (shudder) danskos.

and there you have it. 29 isn’t so many. in fact, it sort of makes me feel like i need to buy just one more pair to make it a nice, round number.


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