August 3, 2004

i am now living a double life: lumberton by day, fayetteville by night. yes, there is a lot of driving involved, but it is worth it. while i supposed “lostandallalone” is less appropriate given that i am, well, less alone these days, there is still a great chance that i will indeed get lost, since i am doing so much driving in unfamiliar territory.

i feel bad because tonight i realized that i can be a horrible snob sometimes. most of the time, i’m very down to earth, but sadly, when it comes to food and eating out, i’m a brat. you would think that with my h-town (my-former-high-school-now-has-metal-detectors-at-all-entrances) roots, i wouldn’t have ended up like this, but i blame my parents; it is obviously their fault.

maybe in order to desensitize myself, i should be forced to undergo a program of accepting other (note, i did not say “inferior”) types of cuisine, one step at a time.

i can see it now: the 6 step program to escaping the horrible trap of food snobbery:

1. replace all starbucks or other uppity coffee beans with “international delights” powder. if need be, follow with caffeine tablet for extra (needed) kick

2. eat some spam!

3. two words: box wine

4. kraft singles, or, for extra credit, easy cheese

5. switch to generic peanut butter

6. dine at applebee’s without complaint, or perhaps cracker barrel.

on a more serious note, i had a rather enjoyable day today in the world of pediatrics. lots of well-child-checkups. i’m getting better at charming the 1 and 2 year olds into letting me look inside their ears (though i am still batting nowhere near a thousand, i’ll tell you that much).

the most exciting medical highlight of the day was an 8 year old girl who had an earache all weekend and finally pulled a bug out of her ear this morning. wow! that better not ever happen to me.

note: some people might think it was uncool to have your parents reading your blog and leaving comments, but i don’t mind, since anyone reading this for more than 15 seconds would know that it was a pretty uncool blog in the first place. however, i do think it’s kind of funny that my mother apparently cannot spell and my father posted his comment not once, but twice. perhaps if they joined forces, they would do better.


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