my TI-83 still works!

August 31, 2004

who knew? i can’t believe i was even able to find it. but i did, and it does. work, i mean. amazingly, i managed to make it through the last 2 years without calculating a single ln or e^x. can you imagine?

i actually missed those lns. i forgot how when i write ln on paper or do a ln on the calculator, i hear the word lin in my head, rather than the mouthful of natural log, which sounds more like a woodsy scent at the body shop than a mathematical function. i forgot how pressing that ln key into the calculator automatically makes me feel like i know how to do math, even though i don’t.

oh god, this is getting worse than a knitting blog.

exciting things i did today (other than stroke my outdated texas instruments graphing calculator):

1. i discovered ebay!

not only did i* post my sony clie peg-tg50 for sale (Bluetooth! mp3-ready! color screen! enticing, no?), but i** also made my first ever ebay bid. i wish i could say that i made a bid on something flashy and exciting like a pink iPod-mini or dark-wash citizens of humanity jeans (though i did look), but my bid this evening was placed on a 3-book package of high-yield embryology, neuroanatomy, and anatomy. i hope i win! ebay is like a game, but with money. a very, very smart idea.

* by “i” i really mean josh.

** this time it really was me

2. i went to the gym

i am very disappointed with how slow i’ve been running lately. i am not even going to admit my actual pace on this public document, because it’s too embarrassing, but i will say that it sucks. this year’s spotty workout schedule (and i was so consistent compared to most of my classmates!) seems to have taken its toll. i am attempting to rebuild, but it’s hard; if i could just kick the 2-pack-a-day smoking habit i acquired as a result of all the stress of rotations, i’m sure it would get much easier. just kidding, i don’t smoke. but it would be a good excuse.

i’m going to allow myself to keep slogging along at my current sad-apple pace for the rest of the week, but starting next week i’m going to pretend that i’m training for a race and start running faster. even if it hurts (a little).

also, i want to go back to doing yoga. i miss it, especially the part at the end where you lie down and try not to fall asleep. i am not too thrilled about hanging out with 30 undergrads in designer yoga gear, but it’s not like i have a choice. maybe someone will mistake me for a freshman and give me a free ipod.

3. i went to the grocery store.

i have a lot of expenses sort of looming in front of me right now (usmle books, the $400 step 1 exam itself, a flight to nice to visit my sister next year) and i know i need to start saving money. i am not about to sacrifice my shoe acquisitions, but i know that one thing i can improve upon is the number of times i eat out. when i look at my credit card statement and ten items in a row are restaurants, it’s a little bit disturbing. since i am not about to fast or subsist on crappy, cheap food, this means that i need to start cooking more.

so, as i said, i went to the grocery store. unfortunately, i made the mistake of shopping while hungry, so i didn’t do a great job of coherent meal planning. i just sort of bought everything that looked good (and a lot of things did, even though my working-man’s grocery store is not very inspiring). i can’t decide whether it’s more cost-effective to just buy lots of staples and (try to) combine them creatively into palatable, nutritious meals, or to look at recipes first and buy for one meal at a time. i suppose the mature thing to do would be to plan for several meals in advance and buy the ingredients for all of them at the same time, choosing recipes strategically so that some of the key ingredients overlap. that way, i wouldn’t end up with rotting thyme, basil, and parsley in the refrigerator. and that would be a good thing.

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